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How A Packing List Reduces Your Stress

How A Packing List Reduces Your Stress

For a person that opens their wardrobe and begins packing for a holiday an hour before they are due to leave home, there is a large chance that they will over pack on some items and completely forget other important objects they would rather not do without. These problems can be eliminated by forming a master packing list to use and update regularly.

Large pile of packed suitcases

A packing list for people that holiday in the summer will be different for those that travel across the winter and if you’re the type that takes regular weekend breaks, you may need a separate packing list for each type of holiday.

Creating your packing list

Fortunately, many people have created holiday packing lists and make them available across the Internet and ready for download. These lists might not be perfect for you, but they may form a solid foundation for many of the items that you need to consider and then it will just be up to you to update the list to suit your personal circumstances.

It is better to create a master packing list and then decide which items you are not going to take with you, when you are restricted by suitcase size and weight if you are travelling by airline.

The provision of an up-to-date packing list will reduce your stress when you need to travel urgently, particularly if this is related to having to visit family or friends who are ill.

Your list can also be used as a repacking facility when your holiday comes to an end. If you’ve lost anything you will quickly know and your list will help prevent you from leaving anything behind. If your luggage is stolen or lost, your packing list will help you complete your travel insurance claim.

Go day by day

Where you consider each part of everyday while you are away, you can carefully assess which clothes and other items you will need at each single stage. You will quickly find out if some items can be used on numerous occasions by picking clothes that coordinate together you will be able to reduce your packing list to the smallest selection of requirements, but to include everything you need.

Once your lists are complete, you may need to consider local traditions and cultures which may affect how you are dressed for public events.

For all of your jewellery and gadgets, you will have to decide if you really need to take the items with you because when you are travelling to different areas, it is easy for your awareness to be reduced and you may attract thieves and burglars.

Travel kits provide an extremely good way of combining all of your toiletries into a waterproof container that won’t empty out onto your clothing, especially if you don’t fill bottles to the brim because aeroplane pressure can force the contents to explode.

Expert packers will photocopy maps and pages from guidebooks rather than taking complete books, but if all your books can be downloaded to a tablet computer, you could leave your laptop and books at home.

Once all of your packing lists are complete, they will greatly reduce the stress of having to reconsider what to take for every occasion, but it is better to update the list as your needs and necessities change over the years and never forget your Swiss Army knife, which for its small size, can perform a multitude of tasks. However, don’t try taking it on an airplane with you; it won’t be allowed.

Ian Pressman knows packing is essential to start a trip right. He writes for Sunglasses Online.

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