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Pop your champagne correctly and safely this new years

To continue in our latest mini series on champagne in which we have covered such things as the top Champagne brands, our lowdown on the differences between Champagne and wines, as well as specific close ups of certain great champagnes such as Dom Perignon. There are some ways to open champagne safely such as just slowly unwinding the cork and letting it pop into a towel. Many times the corks will come out very fast and there is a danger to those onlooking the event and you must be careful. Also in certain cases where people to not have the proper tools to open champagne / wine they will try to break it ( the top of the bottle ) on some sort of surface but we strongly advise against this. Breaking the bottle anywhere usually results in somebody getting cut or hurt in someway and we do not want that for any of our Global Gooders! Have a very safe holiday be very careful if you decide to go crazy and open your champagne with a knife or a sword ( read below ).

Some tips from our Global Good editors…

1) Do not shake the Champagne

2) Do not try to open when facing other people where the cork could pop out at somebody ( the corks tend to fly pretty fast with champagne and can even travel 10+ feet!!! )

3) You may not want to open it with a sword unless you are experienced

Check out the video at Videojugpages.com – — right here —that covers how to actually open it with a sword…. crazy huh?!?!?


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Here is a youtube video about how to open Champagne ( they open some Chandon ).

Enjoy some Champagne videos with your Champagne

Oasis Champagne Supernova

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