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Social Media Affecting Our Everyday Lives

Social media has become more than just an online social gathering where you can conveniently communicate with your friends and family. It has actually replaced normal physical interactions that used to be made between people. Remember the days when you would go over a friend’s house just to chat? Maybe you would even go out for a cup of coffee and talk. Those days are now over because people would rather just get on their laptop or mobile phone and chat with their friends wherever they are through social media on the internet. That way they don’t have to see them in person and they can save time from having to meet them someplace. This is how social media has contributed to the fast paced world we now live in.

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The two most popular social media platforms used today are Facebook and Twitter.  They have become the virtual hangout locations of the 21st century. People are constantly communicating with their friends on an hourly basis through these platforms. Since most people have mobile phones on them all of the time, they will take pictures of whatever they are doing in the moment and then upload the pictures to either their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then all of their followers, which are most likely their friends and family, will get to see these pictures along with any comments that were posted. That way everyone they know can be informed about what is going on in their life instantaneously and they don’t have to individually call their friends up and let them know like in the old days. But still, is this type of social interaction helping people or hurting people in the long run?

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Many psychologists claim that social media is actually causing people to become more depressed and antisocial. This makes sense when you consider the fact that you are alone when you are on the computer talking to people through social media. Even though you are technically “socializing,” you are still not physically interacting with people in person. As human beings, we are meant to be social creatures in the sense that we communicate with people who are literally in front of us and not on a computer screen. Social media has changed the nature of human interaction, but unfortunately the psychology of our brains still craves physical interaction. That is why people are still very depressed and have an overwhelming sense of isolation whenever they let social media interactions overshadow their real life physical interactions.


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