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The Best Pick-Me-Ups for Your Busy Workday

Whether you find yourself working in the office from hell or simply didn’t get enough sleep last night, we all hit a point in our day where enough is enough. This wall of tiredness, irritability, and distraction can severely affect everything you do. As such, finding ways over it is the key to moving forward and achieving more in your day. Even something small can snap you out of it when needed. Here are some of the best pick-me-ups for your busy workday and what they can do to get you out of this funk.

Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee and tea are some of the most preferred beverages for helping us wake up in the morning. Why wouldn’t they also be effective ways to give ourselves a much-needed energy boost? The caffeine concentration in these drinks kickstarts the brain and helps us refocus. The experience is even better once you find that perfect coffee for your particular tastes. Just don’t drink too much, or you could end up with the jitters in a few hours.

Energetic Music

If your favorite caffeinated blend isn’t doing the trick, start playing some upbeat or energetic music. Pop, rock, and alternative are all excellent options for adding some excitement to your day and triggering the release of dopamine in the brain. This chemical, also known as the happiness hormone, stimulates the nervous system and immediately makes you feel more energized.

A Short Workout

Incorporating some movement in your day can also help. When we exercise, our hearts pump blood faster, carrying more oxygen to the brain. This effect causes a drastic spike in our energy levels and overall moods. If you feel worn down, try going for a walk with your coworkers. The fresh air and the activity might lift your spirits.

Motivational Readings

Another top pick-me-up for your busy workday is a motivational reading or two. It’s easy to start feeling run-down by the daily work stress. By reading some inspirational stories about those who stuck with the grind, you may find the motivation to discover your own groove again. Even a short motivational quote can strike a chord with you and have a lasting impact on how you approach your day.


If you need to vent, consider partaking in a quick journaling session. Writing down how we feel rather than bottling it up is a quick way to cleanse ourselves of those negative emotions. Once they’re on the page, you can simply close your journal and return to your job feeling refreshed.

The right pick-me-up can change your outlook for the day and help you be your best possible self. If you feel that mid-day wall approaching, turn to this list to find something that works for your personal needs.


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