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Are you working in the Office from Hell?


If you work in an office, and I’m guessing you do/did otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far, you will probably be able to point out a number of flaws with it. A, it’s an office. B, you have to work there.

But for some, things are worse than others. If you think you’ve got it really bad, here’s our checklist to find out whether you really do work in the worst office known to man.

Video Overview

□   You do not work in an office or cubicle, but an open desk

□   Your computer screen is in direct view of your boss, who never seems to do any work and has unlimited time to sit and spy on you

□   The person who sits opposite you never shuts up

□   The guy next to you is always sick

sick officemate

□   The girl behind you constantly plays drum and bass music that you can hear though her headphones

□   Someone, but you just can’t work out who, has a really bad gas problem

□   You sit next to the ancient office printer

□   The photocopier is behind you

□   You sit near the kitchen, and from the smell emanating from there, your co-workers have an unexplained love for overcooked cabbage, pickled herring and blue cheese.

□   Neither the fridge, nor microwave has ever been cleaned, and there’s a great collection of mould in both

□   Any items placed in the fridge are automatically forfeited – you might get it back, you might not

□   You sit underneath an air conditioning vent that is always set to freezing

□   There’s a grand total of one window in the room

□   There’s one unisex toilet, and “presents” are always being left around the bowl and on the seat

□   The toilet door has a gap of a foot at the bottom

□   Your chair doubles as a torture device

□   Your computer screen permanently flickers, despite IT looking at it five times

□   Every chair in the lunch room has an unidentifiable stain on the seat

□   You have an instant messaging stalker who must know what you’re doing every second of the day

□   There is a phone somewhere in the office that always rings and is never answered

So, if you got 15 or more, congratulations, you have enough reason to go ahead and walk out of there right now. Or, you could try and get your boss to agree to an office refurbishment UK? Hmmm, which would be easier…

James Duval is an IT specialist, keen blogger and social commentator. An all round geek, he knows all about the right gadgets to get and how to use them best. James has a wicked sense of humour which he uses in his writing. Currently, he writes for Interaction UK London


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