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The Upside of Downsizing in Portland Oregon

Portland Saturday MarketMany couples no longer need a large home and downsizing to the Portland, Oregon area is the ideal situation. Nestled in the Pacific Northwest is an up-and-coming location. This creative mecca is home to a variety of brewing pubs, musical establishments, scenic nature trails and a hot housing market.

Selling Prices

With the current housing reports making the Internet, sellers are ecstatic with the latest housing trends in Portland. Announced as one of the top ten cities where homes have been selling for close to the listed price, sellers who are looking to downsize have seen significant improvement over recent years. Between being listed and those that were pending mortgage approval, this has been the first time that those wanting to sell Portland house have experienced quick turnarounds over the course of the previous years. Some individuals may still be suffering from the economic upheavals of the past five years, and for them an immediate sale could mean the matter of sinking or swimming for them. A reputable cash purchase and renovations service can aid those in need of a fast sale.

Holocene - Club/BarPride in the Environment

Portland, Oregon is probably one of the cleanest cities to reside in and most make a conscious effort to keep the neighborhoods and city pollution-free. Surrounded by pristine landscape, parks, rivers and residents who are committed to living green, Portland has been rated as one of the most eco-friendly communities throughout the United States.

Schools and Education

Another positive for Portland, Oregon is the educational system. Residents in the area hold children, and their educational future in the highest regards as seen in some of the top rated schools in the area. There’s also a variety of excellent vocational schools and colleges such as Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and Portland State.

Community Spirit 

The neighborhoods are ideal for families and interested parties will love the safe and hospitable environment. The community is also health conscious and was voted the most active city in the United States. Residents and visitors make it a priority to walk, bike and hike to as many places as possible.

According to author Anthony Joseph, the real estate market is alive and well in this Pacific Northwest city – whether you are buying or selling, or even renovating the “worst house on the block.”


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