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The Diamond: Much More Than Meets The Eye

When most people think of diamonds, the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry. However, this popular gem can also be used in the electronics field because it has a natural resistance to electrical fields and radiation. Even with these qualities, properly utilizing a diamond with an electronic device has been difficult in the past. Fortunately, researchers at Advanced Diamond Technologies believe that they have solved this problem, and this could provide manufacturers with an easy way to enhance their electronics.
Researchers have been creating thin diamond films for a wide range of purposes, but the temperature that was required to bond the film to various electronic devices was typically too high to avoid damage. However, the film that has been created by Advanced Diamond Technologies enabled them to make a diamond coating that can be applied at much lower temperatures, and this means that the technology may finally be able to be utilized in the capacity that manufacturers have envisioned for many years.

Although diamonds will always be used as jewelry, it is important to also look for other useful applications. If thin diamond films can improve the world of electronics, it is a virtual certainty that researchers will continue to study and tweak the films until their usage becomes commonplace.

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