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The Worst Household Items for the Environment

We all want to do our fair share of work in making the planet a better place to live. However, there may be some ways that you’re contributing to the problem without even knowing it. There are things in your house right now that could be a problem for the environment when you throw them away. It’s understandable to not be aware of these issues, but we aim to change that. Here we’ll look at some of the worst household items for the environment so you can try your best to avoid them.

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It doesn’t look very menacing sitting in your room, wrapped in nice sheets, but the humble mattress hides a lot of things that can pollute the earth. Many mattresses are made with flame-retardant chemicals that can seep into water supplies as they break down. There are ways to safely discard your mattress, so don’t just throw it in the nearest dumpster when you’re done with it.

Coffee Pods

Now found in millions of people’s homes, coffee pods have gained a crazy amount of popularity in recent years. Unfortunately, the plastic and aluminum that they are made from is notoriously difficult to recycle. This causes tons of waste that ends up in landfills. If you want to get closer to a zero-waste lifestyle, try switching up how you brew your morning cup.

Wet Wipes

Undoubtedly one of the worst household items for the environment are wet wipes. Extreme amounts of these wipes are thrown away every day and they aren’t as environmentally friendly as people think. They can cause huge problem for sewer lines because they don’t break down like regular toilet paper.

Polystyrene Packaging

You may know them better as packing peanuts, but these little guys are a menace to the environment. While they are useful for protecting things during transit, they aren’t biodegradable. Many animals have been hurt trying to eat these pieces of packaging. Whenever you can, opt for a safer packaging material.

Spray Canisters

Whether it’s paint, varnish, or something else, the propellants found in many spray cans are still filled with harmless greenhouse gases. While not as dangerous as they once were, spray cans still contribute to global warming, especially when thrown away improperly. While the proper way of disposing of them can be a hassle, it’s worth the effort to protect the planet.


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