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Wait! I’m 40 And Pregnant?

ready to POP!“Oh my gosh! I am pregnant!” Words you couldn’t wait to hear when you were in your twenties or thirties could have a totally different meaning once you have hit the big four-oh. Perhaps this later-in-life pregnancy, unlike previous ones, is unexpected and unplanned. At the age of 40, news of a new baby could send you into a panic, especially if your other children are out of diapers and have been for years. Once you are over the initial shock, know that there are many ways to keep your baby calm and entertained once he or she arrives.

Bouncers and swings.

Once your bundle of joy arrives, there’s no doubt you will be busy doing all the things you have been doing in your previously established lifestyle. You can count on today’s bouncers and swings to help you keep your baby feeling cozy and relaxed while you do chores around the house, or even attend your daughter’s ballet lessons. Today’s bouncers and swings come equipped with gentle vibrating motions, adjustable speeds and even soft music and nature sounds, all meant to soothe your baby. Bouncers and swings are great places to let your little one nap nearby instead of in his or her bedroom during the day, too.

Books as your baby grows.

Books are about the most wonderful gift you can give your baby. Begin by reading to him or her at an early age, while nestled in your lap. Once your baby is able to hold things in her hands, you can give her soft, fabric books, or even ones made of waterproof materials for bath time fun. As she gets older, she will delight in reading simple books to herself and to you, developing a lifelong love of reading.

Toys for toddlers.

As your infant grows, he becomes more mobile. Give him toys that encourage his mobility such as ride-on trucks and cars meant to develop motor skills as well as to entertain. Many of these toys come with music and interactive features that teach your toddler sounds and about action and reactions.

Another good choice for toddlers is a musical table. Little ones delight in hearing their ABC’s and favorite songs sung to them when they push a button. Lights flashing, spinning objects and tactile features give them an enjoyable multi-sensory experience while they learn and play and have fun.

Activities and games help develop skills.

There are many different activities for your baby at all stages of his or her life. During the first few months, you can give your baby lots of tummy time on an interactive play mat with mirrors and dangling plush toys that encourage your baby to reach out. As he grows, indoor sports activity centers, mini kitchens and workbenches, to name a few, encourage exploration and interaction.

40 weeks pregnantLots of women today are having babies later in life, after they’ve achieved all their professional goals. Having a baby in your forties doesn’t mean the end of life as you know it, but perhaps a chance to be a wiser, more established mother. Embrace your next venture into motherhood and you will most likely be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams – even if it wasn’t part of your original plan. 

Jennifer Alston is a single parent of two children. Having her daughter at the age of 30 and knowing friends who are now the age 40, with newborns ready to sprout, this inspired the article. Gift ideas do not come easy, but in today’s day and age, it is not hard to find a suitable one to help ease a newbies fears. Searching http://www.kidsii.com/p-268-musical-motion-activity-jumper.aspx, she found this to be a great start with newer technology, and tricks to help new mothers.

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