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DUI Impact on Your Life: Tough to Ignore

Bus CrashThe consequences of being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) are difficult enough to manage when you are driving your own vehicle. But, what happens if you were driving someone else’s car at the time of the arrest, or worse yet, you were driving a work vehicle or some type of public transportation? To what extent are you responsible for the safety of any passengers that were with you at the time? What about any damages to property that occurred as a result of your DUI charge?

How Will a DUI on Your Driving Record Affect Your Life?

Depending on the circumstances, a DUI in any state in the country will stay on your driving record for a minimum of 10 years. Different states have different policies. Some of them, like Tennessee, keep a DUI on your driving record for life. Many other states have longer durations, such as Florida, which keeps a DUI on your driving record for up to 75 years.

According to sources like the best DUI lawyer in Philadelphia, “A DUI conviction can permanently change your life; it can adversely affect your family, your ability to drive, your job, your future employment opportunities, and your freedom.”

Insurance companies may also retain a DUI charge within your file for various durations. This could affect your insurance rate costs, or even your ability to get the kind of car insurance coverage that you need.

Public Transportation and DUIs Don’t Mix.

If you are a driver for a bus company or any other type of public transportation, and you are arrested for DUI while transporting passengers, you could be held responsible for their safety. If, for example, you are driving a tour bus full of vacationers and you are in a DUI related accident, you could be charged with endangering the life of all of your passengers, as well as the usual penalties that accompany a DUI.

In the event that 47 people are riding on your tour bus and you are in an alcohol related accident, not only will you most likely be charged with DUI and property damages that occurred as a result of the accident, you could also be charged with 47 counts of endangering the lives of others. Additionally, if any of these 47 passengers are injured, you could be held accountable – both legally and financially – for their medical needs.

Bus Ride from Airport to ANSTOBe a Responsible Driver At All Times.

Whether you drive yourself to and from work each day, or you are responsible for getting others safely to their jobs, it is important to always be a responsible driver. DUI means “driving under the influence” of alcohol or drugs – and that includes prescription medication. Even if you are not intoxicated from alcohol consumption, if you are taking medication that could potentially impair your driving abilities, reflexes, or capacity to give your full attention to the road, then you could be held responsible for your actions.

Always err on the side of caution when driving any kind of vehicle, make safety your number one priority, and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Debbie Nguyen’s online search led to the best DUI lawyer in Philadelphia for information on the penalties carried by commercial drivers for irresponsible driving.

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