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Washington, D.C. is 2014’s Fittest City

People on the US National Mall


Sorry Pie Town, NM; Greasy, OK and Lick Skillet, TN – better luck next year. No need to move to Bummerville, CA, to wallow in disappointment. But if you want to live in the fittest city in America, you need to make your way to our nation’s capital. That’s right – the American Fitness Index (AFI) of 2014 fittest cities list puts Washington, D.C., on top. It lands ahead of Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; Denver and San Francisco. (Insert your “trim the fat” political joke here.) If you don’t see your city listed in the index, take heart — it was a limited sampling.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) developed the AFI to track a city’s fitness accessibility and education. For example, if your town has a high volume of smokers and a limited number of parks and recreation areas, then it will rate lower than places that have a working fitness and health infrastructure (the list also depends upon statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). When a community is directionless in particular health areas, the index’s developers believe the AFI can become a needed and helpful guide for necessary improvements. We’re talking to you Nashville, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Louisville and Memphis – a.k.a. the bottom of this year’s list. It should be made abundantly clear — a city outside of the top five is no less a fantastic place to live than one on the bottom.

So here’s to you Washington, D.C., this year’s fittest city! I have an idea – everyone enjoy a celebratory piece of cake and take a nap? (Here’s your chance Minneapolis!)

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