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5 Basic Tips That Make Moving Houses Easier

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Moving to a new home takes a lot of preparation, organization, and work. Use these five basic tips that make moving houses easier.

1. Choose the First Room

Get a solid start by packing the least-used rooms first. Once you put away the objects in boxes, you won’t want to unpack them again until you’ve moved into your new home. Storage areas, such as a basement, garage, attic, or closet, might be the best places to start. And in many cases, storage areas require time to organize, so starting here can reduce the stress of rushed packing.

2. Declutter

As you go through your items, now is a great time to declutter. If you haven’t used an item in a long time, such as objects in storage or unused kitchen equipment, think about if you need to pack it, move it, and organize it in your new home.

People, especially families with children, tend to have clothes in abundance. Organizing your clothes prior to moving can greatly reduce your workload. Donating or selling your unwanted items makes your move easier, gives you a fresh start in your new home, and helps other people.

3. Fill Each Box, But Don’t Overfill

The next basic tip that makes moving easier is to fill each box without overfilling. Empty space can make a box feel unbalanced, and overfilling makes boxes heavy or distorted. And if you use space efficiently, you’ll use fewer boxes, which means you’ll have to do less work to load, unload, and unpack them.

Put heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or newspaper. You can use packing material, clothes, and towels to fill empty spaces and prevent items from shifting around.

4. Keep Boxes of Essentials Accessible

Every member of the household should have their own box of essentials. These items are things they want to easily access during the first few days in the new house. Transporting these essential boxes in your vehicle rather than the moving van makes it easy to reach them.

One or two boxes of essentials can hold general supplies, such as basic tools, garbage bags, and shower curtains. People’s personal boxes should hold specialized medical items, several changes of clothes, and toiletries. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s supplies, too!

5. Label Boxes

Finally, label the top and sides of boxes clearly with the room and contents. You can also use color-coded tape to help you quickly tell which boxes should go where. If you have fragile items, put this in large letters so that movers handle them carefully.

Labeling boxes will make the move-in process so much easier. Once you’re in your new home, you can organize your items as you unpack, making it easier to set up your new house and furniture.

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