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5 Tips To Make Your Home Move Easy

5 Tips To Make Your Home Move Easy

Moving home is often a time of great stress and frustration, but there are tasks you can complete and tips to learn to make the whole process much easier and even leave you time to sit back and enjoy it.

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1. Write everything down

Even when you’re using professional movers to physically move all of your goods and contents from one home to another, one of the largest advantages to making the move go well is to make lists and write everything down.

Before you open the first box to fill it, you will help yourself immensely by creating the simplest of systems to keep records of what you’re moving and noting what’s in each box. With the advent of modern day technology, you can add this all to your cloud backup site via your tablet computer, but if you’re still using a pen and paper, that will work equally well.

Start by writing the number on every box that you pack. Subsequently, list all the contents of the box. You don’t have to list every single DVD title, because just DVDs will be fine, but if you are mixing items in the box you should list them separately.

2. Ensure you have sufficient supplies

As well as a central location for all of your marking pens, box tape and labels, you will also need a lot of boxes if you are carrying out some of the initial packing yourself. If you believe you know how many boxes you’re going to need for the move, search for at least half as many again and you might not still have enough.

Your moving company may supply boxes for you, but you can always help the environment by collecting wine boxes from your local shops and A4 paper boxes from your office.

3. Make the most of your suitcases

As you probably won’t be going on holiday at the same time, you can make great use of your suitcases by filling them with clothing that you’re going to be needing for a few days either side of your move along with some initial sheets, towels and pillow cases so that you will be ready to prepare your bedding for your first night in your new home.

4. Ask for wardrobe boxes

Your professional moving company will be able to provide you with wardrobe boxes. These are perfect for taking everything out of your wardrobes or your walk-in wardrobe areas and packing away without needing to fold or crease them for their journey. At the other end of your move, it will be easy to just pick items from your wardrobe boxes and line them up in their new locations.

5. Keep the boxes easy to lift

Even when you’re using movers to take all of your items from point A to point B, they probably won’t be opening all of the boxes for you when you get them to the other end. That’s a job for you and your family over the few days after you’ve moved into your new home. Even with your fantastic numbering and labelling system some boxes won’t end up exactly where you want them so it is easier if your select boxes that are relatively easy for most people to pick up and move when that is required.

These five relatively simple tips will help make your move go much smoother.

Sharon writes for Removal Services Scotland, a removals company in Livingston and Edinburgh.

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