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Add Value to your Building & Save in Construction Costs

curtain wall is the exterior envelope of a high rise residential, office, commercial, government building that serves to “wrap” a buildingand its interior and present an attractive outer facade. Keeping out the weather, curtain wall consists of an aluminum-framed panel system that is pre-assembled. Materials used in these panels are typically stone, glass, or a variety of other possible metal compositions. These unitized panels are attached to the structure of the building. The load weight of the building is not carried or supported by the curtain wall, yet it is a key custom component in a building’s architectural design and appearance. As such, curtain wall is a critical element in the construction of office and government buildings as well as high rise residential buildings.

Custom Curtain wall systems are designed based on the specifications structural of architectural outlining, air and water infiltration requirements. The purpose of the system is to protect the interior of buildings from humidity, rain, moisture, snow and weather conditions, and to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter – – and in an efficient manner.

Curtain wall requires the precise engineering, design, installation and fabrication capabilities of highly experienced curtain wall companies.

  • Because they eliminate the need to construct a totally new building, a significant cost saver can be curtain wall reclads. 
  • Recladding can revitalize existing structures and enable owners to raise rents and change the appearance.

Such a system can last a long time. The first “modern” curtain wall in Liverpool England, on the Oriel Chambers Building built in 1864 and it is still standing.

By taking advantage of a highly experienced curtain wall, recladding and window wall company a property owner can reduce the costs of updating the property. The process can be speeded up and the property made ready for tenants, owners faster.

Window Wall & Curtain Wall

On the outside of the structure is the curtain wall. Sitting between the floor-slabs, on the outer edge of the building, is the window wall. So, the curtain wall is but broken at every floor slab.

  • Curtain walls are used by commercial high rise office buildings.
  • While a curtain walls are used in residential high-rise, they are more typically found using window walls.

Take Advantage of Curtain Walls

Reclads are particularly useful for the redevelopment of urban older properties, such as buildings downtown that are valuable, thus transform an older building into a building showpiece.


Curtain Wall, Window Wall, and Recladding Company

For more information contact a highly reputable curtain wall, window wall and recladding companie, such as Gamma U.S.A., Inc. and Gamma Windows and Walls International Inc. (Canada), divisions of Far East Global Group Limited, ranking among the largest curtain wall, recladding and window wall companies in North America, and in the world.


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