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Adjustable Garage Workbench Ideas

Every weekend warrior has a work bench that provides a stable work surface for cutting and crafting projects. Work benches are one of the most important items in a home workspace, so most individuals look for one that is simple, functional, sturdy and durable, yet few consider bench height. The drawback of working with a bench surface that is placed too high is obvious as you simply can’t work, but have you ever considered how working with a bench that is placed too low affects your work?

MultiTable.com markets a variety of tables and workbenches that you can place at different heights to fit your needs. Imagine an adjustable garage workbench with a work heights as low as 27 inches and as high as 46 inches. Placing your workbench at a level that suits your height and task eliminates stooping and hunching over that can cause pain or aggravate back problems. Not only will you be more comfortable, you will experience better posture along with increased metabolism. More comfort means you can work for a longer period of time, pay greater attention to detail and complete well-made projects in less time.

The versatility of adjustable work benches also reduces cost while freeing up space in your work area. No longer do you have to buy multiple benches for sitting or standing projects as one will do the trick. With only one work bench, you will also eliminate clutter when the surface is stored while not in use.

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