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Automotive Care: Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job

Car paint job

What’s the first thing you notice about a car? Usually, it’s the paint job, and a vehicle’s exterior condition can be a clue to how well the owner has maintained it. A fading, chipped paint job typically means the rest of the car isn’t holding together so well either.

If your car has a coat of fresh paint or you want to protect it better in the future, read on. We’ve compiled a list of tips for protecting your car’s paint job so that you can be proud of your vehicle’s appearance!

Wash and Wax Regularly

Sometimes, the best advice is the simplest. If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job for the long haul, then keep it clean! As you’re spring cleaning your car inside and out, take the time to handwash your vehicle’s exterior.

You don’t want dirt, dust, or grime to linger on your vehicle’s paint job, so handwash it approximately every two weeks. Ideally, you should avoid the drive-through carwashes, as heavy bristles and powerful water jets can be rough on your car’s paint.

After washing, make your car shine like new with a protective wax coating. A wax coating doesn’t just make your vehicle look like a million bucks, but it provides protection against the everyday things that can damage your car’s paint. This includes everything from splattered bugs to bird droppings.

Consider Using a Synthetic Coating

Many drivers like to use carnauba wax for their cars because of how polished and sparkling it makes them look. But if you’re serious about protecting your vehicle’s exterior, consider using a ceramic coating instead.

A synthetic coating, otherwise known as a ceramic coating, won’t make your vehicle shine as much as carnauba wax, but it’ll offer more protection. Especially if you live in a sunny place and your car sits outside, a synthetic coating is helpful. It provides ample protection against paint fading from UV light and other everyday weathering conditions.

Know Where to Park

One of the simplest ways to keep your car’s paint job looking fresh is to know where to park! If you commute to work and park your vehicle outside most of the day, parking can be the difference between paint that fades and an exterior that looks new for years.

Direct sunlight causes fading, so shade is ideal in a parking spot. But be wary of parking underneath tall trees, as they’re home to tree sap and bird droppings, which can harm a vehicle’s paint job.

Your best bet for keeping your car protected is probably a high-quality car cover that you can put on instead of spending time looking for the perfect parking spot. Just throw it over your vehicle, and don’t worry about it the rest of the day!

We hope our tips for protecting your car’s paint job help your vehicle look newer for longer! The critical thing to remember is to keep your car’s exterior clean and covered from the everyday stuff that quickens fading!

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