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Fresh Ideas To Give Your Home Some Beach Chic

Beach Chic

It doesn’t matter where you are—all of us deserve a tropical getaway to breathe in that ocean air and feel the sun on our (SPF-protected) skin. But your quality of life is a state of mind, not a location, and we can incorporate that spirit every day without booking a plane ticket. Get inspired by these fresh ideas to give your home some beach chic. They’re reminders that you need to take a break every now and then to just be.

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Sandy Scents

What exactly smells like a beach house? There are a lot of scents that add up to your favorite vacation spot, and there are a lot of ways to invoke those. Candle manufacturers are increasingly offering scents that offer the experience—not just one element. Essential oil diffusers are effective, too. Aromatherapy has so many benefits, so look for beyond-the-basics smells that fill the air with notes of sea salt, driftwood, bonfires, citrus, and even specific locales.

Coastal Accents

You don’t have to remodel your home to get that breezy vibe. Small touches here and there can blend with your existing interior design with added casual comfort. Think about including driftwood-style stools and tables, woven poufs, or even light-colored linen slipcovers on the sofa. It’s easy to go overboard with a nautical theme that’s too literal. If you’re content with rope-accented lamps, then it’s enough to transport you to your happy beach place.

Outdoor Living

Most people get out of town to enjoy better weather—they don’t just sit in a hotel room. So, one fresh idea to give your home some beach chic is to focus on the exteriors, too. Keep your patio furniture in top condition, and add a few more elements that make your backyard more inviting. A fire pit is irresistible in the summer and might draw the whole family. Add lighting so that you’ll want to linger into the night, whether you opt for Italian string lights or tiki torches. Install an outdoor bar—or just a bar cart—so you can serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres without running to the kitchen all night. Inject some more appeal to your patio, and you’ll learn to appreciate your own home’s charms.

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