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Tips for Cleaning Your Car This Spring

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Spring weather means no more winter blues for you or your dirty car. Salt, snow, rain, and all kinds of other winter debris can do a number on vehicles. Cleaning your car this spring is a great way to kiss winter goodbye and make sure your ride is ready to hit the road.

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Remember all those drive-thru meals over the winter and those dirty boots climbing in and out of the car? Start by thoroughly vacuuming out crumbs, dirt, and any other debris. Vacuum every surface for a fresh start.

Scrub Car Mats

Pull out the mats, give them a shake outside, and use a brush with some soapy water to scrub them clean. The outdoor hose will be helpful in rinsing them off. Then, let the mats dry completely in the sun before you put them back in the car.

Wash the Tires

Obviously, your tires are going to get dirty again right away anyway, but that’s no reason to skip cleaning them. Until the dirt builds up again, you can give them a chance to shine for a while. Use special tire cleaner and a rag to clear off the grime and make your tires look brand-new.

Wash the Exterior

Always use car shampoo and a soft rag when washing your car instead of grabbing just any old soap. Regular detergents and soaps have chemicals that can damage your car’s paint job. Thoroughly wet your vehicle’s exterior, then wash all the dirt off. If you have a luxury car with a carbon fiber body kit, use special care when cleaning it to protect your finish. Dry your car using a chamois or soft towel specific for vehicles.

Shine the Windows

It’s amazing how dirty the inside of a car’s windows can get. Regular glass cleaner and some paper towels should do the trick. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer you can see!

Bye-Bye Dust

Dust isn’t only a nemesis in your house; it loves to live in your car, too. Interior car sprays work great. Just spray the dashboard and other hard surfaces, then buff them clean with a paper towel for a dust- and dirt-free interior.

Using these tips for cleaning your car this spring will get you outside and get your car ready for some fresh air.

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