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Commercial Insurance Jobs in the UK: How to Get Hired in Four Easy Steps

It turns out that the UK insurance sector just happens to be one of the most competitive in the entire world. So how does a person get hired in the field of commercial insurance in the UK? Here’s how to get hired in four easy steps.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Do some research to help you determine if you possess the necessary skills and qualities to become a commercial insurance agent. It may not even be necessary to graduate from college to move up the ranks in this field. Still, you will need to have good communication skills, the resilience to deal with rejection, ambition, an outgoing character and a clean criminal record. These are the most basic prerequisites when it comes to being considered for a job in the commercial insurance industry in the UK.

What Do You Want to Be?

This is the point where you research exactly what type of insurance professional you wish to be. More precisely, do you seek to be an agent who solely works for one commercial insurance company and therefore only sells its products, or do you wish to be a broker? A broker will specialize in a certain area or is in charge of a group of agents who sell a host of different commercial policies. Before you can get hired in the insurance sector, you will need to decide whether you want to be an agent or a broker. Randstad Financial & Professional is a company that is renowned for its expertise in insurance recruitment and they may be able to help you make this decision. The company is well aware of the fact that a strong insurance sector is a major requirement for economic growth.

The Insurance Exam

Before you can seek gainful employment in this field and end up working as a commercial insurance broker/agent, you have to take the insurance exam. Even before that, you have to satisfy the necessary classroom education required prior to taking the exam. Any instructional hours that you have to invest in this all depend on whether you wish to be a commercial insurance broker/agent or not. Of course, the number of specific hours of classroom education will be different in one location than in another.

Hands-on Experience

There really can be no substitute to hands-on experience that you get by working in the industry. You’ll first want to obtain this sort of experience by showing a willingness to work for well-established insurance firms before setting out on your own. As a bonus, working for an established firm first will allow you to save up the capital needed for your own start-up costs if you ever decide to start your own firm.

This is how you can get hired in four easy steps when you’re seeking commercial insurance jobs in the UK. It’s most important to first possess very basic understanding and sense of direction about where you want to go and what type of career you want to have in this industry. If you follow these four steps, you will develop the experience and focus necessary to succeed in whatever insurance career you choose.

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