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Creating Country Charm: 5 Budget Interior Ideas

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Creating a county look for your home does not need to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are several ways that you can incorporate the charm of the country into your living space on a small budget. Because of this, the country look has become increasingly popular, and it also provides people who live in urban areas with a nice interior contrast to their exterior surroundings. If you are interested in adding a touch of the country into your home, you can easily take advantage of several budget friendly ideas to either start or complete your new look.

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Five Budget Interior Ideas

1) Shop Online – There are several online retailers and auction sites that can help you locate country-themed items at a discounted price. Therefore, it is always a good idea to utilize the Internet during your search for the perfect interior items. For example, companies like Artismo offer a range of country style artwork to add that authentic touch to your home.

2) Small Authentic Items – If you want to truly bring the look and feel of the country to life in your home, you should consider going to thrift stores and flea markets in rural areas to locate authentic items. For example, you could purchase a small pump head that was used on a well and turn it into the centerpiece of your room. Keep in mind that older items that have a rustic look will enhance the overall impact of your country theme.

3) Slipcovers – Creating the country look will require you to have furniture that has appropriate upholstery fabric. Unfortunately, buying brand new furniture can be extremely cost prohibitive. Therefore, it is a good idea to look into slipcovers that incorporate country themes such as the standard blue and white checkerboard pattern. Alternatively, you can utilize solid colors for your large pieces of furniture and select throw pillows with a county theme to tie everything together.

4) Use Country-Themed Stencils – It is common to repaint the entire house when you decide that you want to create a new look. Sadly, this is a very expensive option, and it could quickly drain your budget. Instead, you can partially repaint the most highly trafficked rooms with a country blue, and then complete the look by using stencils to create a border. Although this will take more time than simply repainting each room, it will add a nice county touch for a much cheaper price.

5) Replace Your Light Shades – Although you might want to replace all of your lamps, you can save a lot of money by merely replacing the light shades instead. Most contemporary lamps have shades that feature a modern design or color. Fortunately, you can easily create more of a country look by removing these modern pieces and replacing them with basic cream or white-colored shades.

The county theme includes a diverse range of different colors and designs. Therefore, it is important to take the time to determine if you want to create a vintage, modern or kitschy country look in your living space. Once you have selected your favorite style, you will be able to easily find items for any budget by utilizing resources such as the Internet and thrift stores.

A recent transplant from London, UK to Georgia, USA, Kari Lloyd has become something of an expert on country style. When she’s not researching new decor ideas, she is a freelance writer and blogger for a variety of publications. If you’re looking for art inspiration, Artismo’s website is a great place to come up with new and interesting ideas for your home decor.

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