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Desk Organization and Personalization Ideas

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Desk organization is important for overall productivity. A cluttered desk is reflective of a cluttered mind. Cleaning your desk and making it more appealing will make a big difference in feeling happier, more peaceful, and more focused on your work. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere goes a long way towards inspiring and motivating you. Here are some desk organization and personalization ideas that will brighten up your work space. 

desk organization


When organizing your desk, it is best to separate the essentials from the non-essentials. Prioritize frequently used items and place them within easy access and visibility. While items rarely used should be kept out of sight, but still within close proximity.

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Remove Clutter

An ideal desk is one that has plenty of workspace. With that said, you should limit the amount of items that take up space on your desk. Use dividers, boxes and containers to keep small items in place instead of scattering them everywhere. Avoid placing too many decorative items that decrease your space.

desk organization


When it comes to desk organization, space is very important. If your workstation is small, there are many ways you can expand the area. For example, you can add shelves to bare walls which will give you extra storage space. Spaces like behind the door or under the desk are often wasted. You can utilize these areas by hanging organizers behind the door or storage baskets underneath your desk.

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Add Plants

Plants add beauty and charm to any space. Bringing in some greenery can have a calming, relaxing effect, which certainly helps you stay more focused on your work. Moreover, plants reduce stress, lessen allergies, and purify the air. Depending on your desk size, add at least two or more plants on your desk or on a nearby shelf. Click here to know which plants are best for indoors: Plants That Improve The Air Quality In Your House

desk organization


Brighten up your workspace by adding a desk lamp with a softer, warmer lighting. This creates a calm and serene mood that makes concentration a lot easier. Go for subtle and subdued illumination, instead of harsh brightness. Fairy lights and lampshades can be perfect additions to your workspace. 

desk organization


Desk organization is never complete without personalizing your workspace. You can do this by adding a few accessories that show off your personality. For example, a cute coffee mug, a mini teddy bear, or a family photo frame. Things that have sentimental value or are just soothing and inspiring to your soul. 

We hope these ideas will help bring some joy and inspiration to you during the long hours that you spend on your desk. Want more home office tips? Check out our post: Make Your Workspace Work For You


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