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Do Real Estate Buzzwords Really Help Attract Buyers?


When it comes to real estate, the Internet, along with interactive videos and pictures of a listing, have made it easy for buyers to decipher whether or not to look at a listing further. However, when it comes down to it, the way a home is projected through its wording can move them to make a decision more than anything else.

The Latest Buzz Words

A recent study showed that some buyers were attracted to certain real estate properties because of the buzz words used by the marketing Realtor. The research also found that certain words and phrases used in the description of homes for sale had a greater influence over a buyer’s decision to view them over others.

In order to make your home stand out from the competition, your real estate agent can use enticing words that jump out to the prospective buyers, especially if the buyers have a number of homes to sort through. Some of the popular buzz words used to describe a kitchen or great room could include spacious, roomy, inviting, massive and relaxing to name but a few.

Unfavorable Wording

Unfortunately, buzz words can also be used to describe a property that barely resembles what was advertised in the listing. Lush, plush, manicured and open can be used to display a home with zero curb appeal and an unkempt yard . Some listings need a more positive spin than others and a seller may want to stretch the truth in an attempt to garner more showings. This could have an adverse effect and attract the wrong type of buyer to the listing.

If your home needs a little work, you should advertise it as such, so you attract buyers looking for a fixer-upper. Sometimes it’s better to under-promise when it comes to a listing and over-deliver when a buyer actually walks through the home and sees the many amenities and features on their own.

RJ HOMEDescriptive Pitfalls

As a buyer, you want to enlist the help of a real estate agent to ensure that the words used accurately measure up against the listing that you may find interesting. Fancy wording can mislead or confuse a potential buyer once enticed into the home. This is wrong and unethical. The payoff will be more favorable when you paint a realistic picture, and the buyer can decide on their own if the property is something worth seeing. A Realtor can also help the buyer out by doing a bit of investigative work ahead of time, plus prospective buyers can also do a drive-by to see if the listing may be worth seeing.

When in search of your ideal dream home, you want to make sure that the description used doesn’t paint the entire picture for you. You have a host of other real estate tools at your fingertips that will come in handy in the home purchasing process, such as the Internet, interactive home tours, and pictures. Using the right wordage may make people want to view your listing, but will it make them want to own it? 

Author Georgina Clatworthy has a keen interest in real estate and as a freelance writer has produced many informative articles on finding and purchasing property. Movoto(dot)com makes it their goal to help prospective buyers find homes for sale in their chosen locality. With over 1 million real estate listings available on their website, they let buyers search the market on their own and contact a professional Realtor when they are ready to take the next step.

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