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Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home

fall decorating ideas

Living and changing with the seasons is a nice way of breaking up the monotony and repetitiveness in our lives. Since autumn is at hand, a great way of welcoming the new season is by changing the look of our homes to flow with the current time. Here are some of our top picks for fall decorating ideas for your home. 

The Porch

fall decorating ideas

The porch is one of the first areas in your home that visitors get to see. What better way to welcome your guests than adding an autumn vibe to your porch. You can do this by surrounding your porch with planter boxes filled with flowers of red, orange and yellow colors. In addition, you can place real or faux pumpkins and gourds to create an autumn feel. Top it off with lanterns for a warm glow.  

Wood Accents

fall decorating ideas

There is just something about wood that gives off a fresh, raw and cozy feeling. Wooden boxes, crates and native baskets are great accents that help create that rustic atmosphere. Wooden rocking chairs, coffee tables and trays are all gorgeous additions to your fall decorating ideas. Don’t forget to add scented candles to your trays and throw blankets to your rocking chairs for a homey touch.

The Fireplace

fall decorating ideas

As the season gets wetter and colder, the fireplace is one of the focal points of the home during fall and winter. This makes the fireplace another great area to decorate in the fall. Add pumpkins, pots, and crates to the base of the fireplace. Then deck the mantel with birch-wrapped vases, candles, lanterns, and autumn leaves. Add in a small pile of your favorite books and a coffee mug on top. For a final touch, place fairy lights onto the mantel for a faint glow that will cozy up your evenings. 

Farmhouse Look

You can never go wrong with a farmhouse look. It speaks of coziness, warmth and solitude. A farmhouse style is one of the most popular fall decorating ideas that many people love. So get your crocheted throw blankets and plaid pillow cases out on the sofa. Create a throwback down memory lane by adding picture frames of family and pets on mounted shelves. Add autumn centerpieces like dried acorns, or a rustic harvest bushel and fall bouquets on the dining table. And before you forget, hang a homemade autumn wreath to complete the look. 

The Best Décor of All: Flowers

No matter what season, fresh flowers never fail to brighten up a home. Fall flowers like sunflowers, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, daisies, roses and asters, added with lots of autumn foliage, will bring so much beauty to your space. Keep the blooms fresh by removing  leaves below the water line and frequently changing the water. Regularly replace your flowers with fresh ones. If you save the wilted flowers and dry them up, you can make use of them for all kinds of projects, such as journaling and scrapbooking. 

There are many fall decorating ideas that you can do for your home. All it takes is a little creativity, time and effort, and you’ll have yourself a nice, cozy, autumn-inspired home.

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