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Fill the Cracks: Tips for Preventing Home Foundation Damage

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When it comes to maintaining your home, paying attention to the condition of your foundation is one of the most important tasks. As the material your home rests on, the foundation is the section that keeps the rest of a structure sound and safe to live in. When your home’s foundation starts sustaining cracks and water damage, it can lead to a series of issues and expensive repairs. Because of this, it’s vital to regularly look for ways to protect your foundation and keep it in quality shape for years to come. Here are some top tips for preventing home foundation damage.

Don’t Plant Trees Near the House

Trees are wonderful features to have on any property. Not only are they great to look at, but they also provide ample shade for the home and help reduce energy bills in the summer. However, trees can also pose a hidden threat to your home; this is especially true for older trees with larger root systems. Planting them too close to the home can cause roots to grow into the foundation, eventually breaking through and causing cracks. Therefore, it’s important to keep all foliage further out in your yard if you want to best protect your house.

Eliminate Standing Water

You’ll want to do your best to eliminate any standing water in your yard, particularly near the base of your house. Even the strongest materials will weaken with prolonged exposure to water, and the smallest cracks can give these puddles access to your basement. If you notice certain areas collecting water during storms and holding on to it for several days, consider digging a trench system in your yard with a skid steer trencher. These channels can help subtly direct water away from the home and minimize the risk to your foundation.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Another effective strategy in preventing home damage is to increase how often you clean your gutters. As previously stated, water can be devastating to your home. For this reason, anything you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your drainage system is a plus. Clogged gutters cause water from the roof to spill over the side of the home and rest near the base of your foundation. Taking the time to properly clean out these obstructions will do wonders for keeping puddles away from your home.

Improve the Grading of Your Yard

One of the most effective tips for preventing home foundation damage is to alter the grade or slope of your yard. Sometimes, certain sections of uneven land can direct water and runoff towards the home, resulting in many potential problems. While this is a large undertaking, changing the direction your yard slopes can force these resources in another direction, better protecting your home from unnecessary water exposure.

Don’t let foundation problems creep up on you. Take a proactive approach with these helpful tips—they’ll help you take control of your home’s maintenance and reduce surprise expenses.

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