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Health Benefits of Wine

Wine is the first alcoholic drink that researchers have found to have a positive impact on the body among all other alcoholic drinks. Wine is a healthy drink as far as researchers are concerned and it helps in the prevention of some diseases.

The first health benefit of wine is that it helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks. Wine is said to increase the good kind of cholesterol that is HDL cholesterol and also it thins the blood. Wine also contains resveratol which helps in preventing blood clots and also plasma viscosity in the blood. Because of this it also plays a big part in preventing heart disease and stroke.

Wine has also proved to increase longevity. Research has stated that wine drinkers get to live longer by two years compared to people who drink beer and spirits. Wine drinkers also get to live longer than non alcoholic drinkers by two to five years. White wine has been seen to help in slowing down brain decline durng the process of aging. It has been shown that it reduces the risk of developing alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease.

Another health benefit of wine is that it helps to reduce the risk of having the diabetes type 2 disease. This is actually credited to the grape because the grape fruit contains resveratol which reduces hypertension and insulin resistance in the body. Tannins also contained in red wine help to reduce the risk of getting diabetes type 2.

Wine drinkers also have a health advantage over non drinkers and drinkers of other alcoholic drinks because drinking wine helps in reducing the risk of cataracts in old age. Research has stated that wine drinker reduce their risk of cataract deevelopment by half compared to beer and spirit drinkers together with the non drinkers.

Enough research has also been done to prove and also find out if wine helps to reduce the risk of cancer. These researches have been successful and have actually found that is is true wine helps to reduce cancer risk. Wine is said to have phytochemicals which are chemicals found in plants. the grape fruit has a specific chemical called polyphenol which acts as an antioxidant and prevents the cells from oxidative damage. Wine also has resveratol which helps to reduce the growth of cancer by reducing tumor growth.

White wine helps in improving how the lungs function in the body. The existance of antioxidants in the wine has a very relevant effect to the lungs more than red wine which is said to have a higher level of antioxidants than white wine. Science has not yet been able to find a way to explain how that is but when it comes to lung function white wine drinkers have the advantage.

Other benefits of wine include, improving digestion which can help people who suffer from ulcers, reducing stress and improving the srtength of the bones in the body.

Please note that wine is healthy only when it is taken in moderate amounts.

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