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How to Clean Your Sofa

Let’s face it, who wants to sit on a dirty sofa? A clean couch improves the overall appearance of your room, but with pets, children and general daily wear-and-tear it can be hard to keep your sofa looking lovely for very long.

Sofas can become dirty due to spillages which may cause stains, pet hair may gather on the seat and dust or crumbs can also collect over time, making your couch a very unappealing place to relax.

Luckily, there’s no need to fork out for professional cleaners to get your sofa looking as good as new. Grab your rubber gloves, a cloth, washing liquid and a vacuum cleaner and here’s what to do:


1.      To begin with you should remove all hairs which may be present on the sofa if you have pet cats or dogs. In order to do this effectively, you should use rubber gloves and run your hand along the arms of the couch, around the back of it and on the actual seat. By wetting the rubber gloves slightly, the hairs will stick together and be easy to pull away.

2.      After doing this you should then tackle the problems of crumbs and dust that are certain to be present (bizarrely, there always seems to be crumbs, even if you make a point not to eat on your couch!). Your vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution to this problem – ensure that you run the vacuum over the entire seat including underneath it, behind it and running it over the cushions.

3. The final step is to eliminate stains which may have been caused from food and drink spillages, or from pens or crayons if you have little ones running around the place. To remove these from water-friendly materials you should dip a clean cloth into a solution mixture of water and dishwashing liquid and begin dabbing it over the entire stain until it has vanished. After this has been done you should use a different cloth and blot it over the area to ensure the soap has been removed from the sofa. To tackle fabrics which are not water-safe, such as leather, it is recommended that you opt for a solvent based stain remover.

These tips will help you to ensure your sofas are clean, hygienic and great to look at. To maintain spotless sofas you can use throws to cover the seat and arms of your sofa, so that you only need to wash the throw every now and then in the washing machine. Pet owners could also benefit from a static-eliminating spray that stops pets hairs sticking to the fabric – you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to clean!

Michelle Star writes for Bray Cleaning, a domestic cleaning company who offer a range of services such as a personal house cleaner to help keep your home spotless all year round.

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