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Joint MBA and JD program at Santa Clara University

MBA and JD program, for the Elite International Business class

Are you ready to sky rocket your career into the heights that only the top 1% get to see? Well if you are then it likely won’t be a career and will be your own billion dollar entity that you form if you decide to check out this program. What program is it? Only the best.

Surely we are talking about the amazing program at Santa Clara University where you can get your Juris Doctorate ( J.D. ) and an MBA in just a few years by taking class at the same time. The very first year you will be considered a 1L and can only take Law classes but after that you will be immersed in amazing studies from some of the best professors in the world. Now, I know that there are amazing teachers and professor all over this Globe; however, if you are looking to enjoy the boom that Silicon Valley can offer than these professors have the practical knowledge to help you take advantage. Many of these educators have had long careers in everything from Venture Capital to Fortune 500, startups, non profit, and even politics among other outstanding achievements. In fact, many even still work outside and teach on the side.

I personally attended SCU as an undergraduate but have been fortunate enough to meet several outstanding Graduate level students who are involved in this program. Ian Hafkenschiel, a good friend and current graduate student taking on the joint MBA and JD program, has been nice enough to share his top lessons from class with me and even help consult me on building out Global Good Networks.

There are surely other colleges and universities around the world that offer these programs; however, our MBA program at SCU is nationally ranked in the top 5 and top 10 in the USA if not worldwide in many major places.

The Princeton review included SCU in the top 300 best business schools, and US News along with Bloomberg Businessweek have also listed SCU very highly.

Official Ranking Page: http://www.scu.edu/business/about/rankings.cfm


Another great reason that I love SCU Law is that my father Thomas J Bois, a managing partner of Bois & Macdonald,  donated one of the books he authored to the Law School.

Signed: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks 

READ MORE: JoshBois.com & GlobalGoodNetworks.com 

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