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Launch a music career in just five steps

Production and Marketing for your music career made cost effective for independent talent

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

These days there are so many great tools, samples, instrumentals, and software programs to make or mix music you should be able to find the right resources to build upon without having to worry or waste time.


2. Find a unique way to differentiate yourself online as well as your content

These days just having an online presence is not always enough. It really can come down to finding unique places to position yourself that may be less saturated than your average Youtube or Vimeo site. For example, live performances and content on sites like LiveStream can make all of the difference between making a life long fan or just being a passing advertisement. Sites like X101Jamz showcase the producers and artists coming through major New York studios online and live so that fans can enjoy and they can experience the studio setting.


3. Utilize Social Networks to engage and organically grow your following

More than likely you are already utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for your personal ends, ensure that you have a distinct profile dedicated to your craft to showcase your work and talent. We recommend spending a lot of time promoting your music and reaching out to individuals on a deeper level than just blanket marketing everybody with the same content. Understand what types of music and related bands your following enjoys and try to find some good places to find new fans and engage your existing fan base.


4. Hold an intimate learning date with your technology

These days high quality tools such as the iPhone 5 and iPads allow the lifestyle of the on-the-go music professional to record HD video, photo and audio at events or recording sessions. The ability to further splice it up in apps such as Garage Band or iMovie help  make low budget production possible with a minimal learning curve. Sure, there are more advanced platforms and software choices you will need to utilize in the future but this is about bringing you some easy ways to start.


5. Stay in tune with the market and resources available

Find a great cultural music site to follow and keep track of to discover potential connections and outlets for your music. Websites such as SoulTrain have Q&A sessions with International industry professionals that can help take your music to a larger audience as well as provide great resources.


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