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Most Memorable (And Cutest) Animals of 2012

Today we bring you some of the cutest animals of 2012.
Some of these cute pets were from memes, some from videos or book shelves but they ended up in many hearts all over the world. Some of them have made it all of the way to Hollywood and gone famous and some are still rising stars whether at the zoo or in their own homes with loving owners.
#1. The original grumpy cat
This cat is hilarious and somehow holds a grumpy face throughout the video but it also looks at you wanting some more attention meaning that somehow someway it is still quite happy getting some attention.
#2. The Olate Dogs
They can jump through hoops and walk on spinning wheels and are very energetic. These cute dogs are from “America’s Got Talent” but they have gotten even more famous since.
#3. Hank For Senate
You must see this cute kitty from Virginia that ran for senate with the tag line “A better Virginia…  a brighter future.” The cat brings a smile to your face as it looks up to the sky as if it is ready for some politics.
#4. Jess’s Dream
This horse is not as famous yet but he is the cutest horse you have seen in a while. He is a racing horse and has big brown eyes that are adorable.
#5. Uggie
He has been on the scene at the Golden Globes and even got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has kissed Reese Witherspoon to top it off and the paparazzi loved it!
#6. Xiao Liwu the cute panda from the San Diego Zoo. He just loves the camera and his name even means little gift. Awww so cute!
#7. Giant George
This guys is very cute and looks as if he is posing like a model for the camera.
Check out the other animals on this roundup by enjoying the slider below!

Let us know your thoughts on these cute animals and share your favorite pet story with the rest of the world in the comments below.

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