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Outsourcing Can Reduce Your Footprint

Carbon footprintCompanies are considering outsourcing due to the many advantages it can offer. It can be the resolution to frequent problems faced by businesses. It provides flexibility, adaptability and financial benefits but one positive effect in the long run is its global impact. 

How can My Company Reduce?

There are many ways to reduce your business’ carbon footprint, including recycling and implementing a paperless environment, but none of these things will have the same impact as outsourcing your data storage. The energy that is required to properly store and maintain a large quantity of information is almost overwhelming, and it can also be very difficult for an individual company to undertake the initial expense of implementing green technology. Therefore, your best bet is to select environmentally conscious data center services to store everything that you cannot afford to lose. Not only will they provide you with a higher level of protection than you can get from having an on-site facility, but they will also do so at a cheaper cost and with a bigger emphasis on reducing your carbon footprint.

Helping the Environment

Data centers require a lot of energy and water to maintain the proper environment. However, these necessary components do not need to come from traditional sources. Instead, several large companies have taken steps to make their facilities self-sustainable. For example, the heat that naturally comes off of the servers can be harnessed to run another necessary operation such as providing enough energy to keep the power chillers working properly. By taking this approach, the temperature between the racks of equipment will be kept cool without paying for additional electricity. Each time a company saves electricity, they also cut down on their carbon footprint and help to slow down the negative impact that humanity is having on the planet.

Port of San Diego's Green Port ProgramAnother step that many facilities have taken is to use bio-fuel and solar power generators. Even if these generators only take over during a power outage, they still help to reduce the overall gasoline consumption. Because gas is derived from a natural resource that will eventually be depleted, it is imperative for any socially and environmentally conscious business to take the necessary steps to reduce their reliance on petroleum as much as possible.

When you are ready to switch to an off-site center, you should ask them about their carbon footprint reduction plan. If they are a progressive company, they will be utilizing several green technologies, and you will be able to take advantage of this positive impact on the environment while also saving money.

Ieda Vincent volunteers with local environmental groups and promotes global responsibility and green living. Quality Technology Services offers data center services that are beneficial and allows you to streamline your resources and concentrate on building your organization. QTS has an unwavering focus that includes recycling and maintaining green values.

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