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Take the Kids Away for Some Winter Sun

Christmas is just around the corner and it is a perfect time to take the kids away for winter sun. The biggest dilemma is to choose the destination as sun has become a rare commodity in this season for those in England and the Northern US states!

There is no need to worry though because the tourism world is full of places which can offer luxury family holidays even in this coldest part of the year and here are just a few of them!


American Holidays

America is blessed with plentiful places that are too good to spend some quality time with the entire family. At this time of the year, when northern states can only think of ice hockey or skiing, the lively beaches of Miami and Hawaiian islands are crowded with the tourists from all over the world. Besides the warmth of sun, the tourists can engage themselves in number of other activities that are equally appealing for each and every member of the family.


Beautiful Islands

Caribbean Islands is the other awesome destination for winter holidays which is easily accessible from London and America. The islands of Jamaica, St John, Bermuda, St Lucia, Barbados and the Bahamas are blessed with some of the best white sandy beaches in the whole region. The crystal clear waters of Caribbean Sea, the coconut trees, lively restaurants, taverns and luxurious hotels guarantee a best family vacation.


The Southern Hemisphere

Australia, South Africa and Mauritius are located in the southern hemisphere and are an ideal place to spend winter holidays. The beaches are romantic, weather is friendly and the modern metropolis like Melbourne, Sydney, Johannesburg and Cape Town offers attractions like theme parks, museums, gardens and huge shopping malls that will take care of the complete needs of every family member.



Countries from Far East and South East Asia are also not far behind and Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have now emerged as a tourist paradise. The tropical climate of these states made them most suitable to visit in winter. Phuket is a beautiful coastal city of Thailand and only an hour flight away from the capital, Bangkok.

Patong is the most popular beach of this city which is bubbling with tourists throughout the year. One can engage himself in different water sports or take a boat ride to the nearby islands of James Bond and Phi Phi. The food is sumptuous while the traditional Thai massage is the specialty of this area. The nights are electrifying and persuade the travelers to come again and again. There is no doubt that this lovely Thai city is all equipped to spend quality family time  together.

There are so many options available for you and your family this winter that can offer you the comfort of home with the luxury of having a little sunshine!

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