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Whether it’s a vacation or a world tour, everyone loves to travel. It could be a bunch of states, countries, cities or just something short distance and quick. Every travel plan needs a good budget. Some like to travel lavishly and some like to find deals on travelling plans. It is best to be smart about travelling with a good calculated budget, because some prices come on the way unplanned. Usually the leader of the family or the group decides where they will be going and how much they are willing to spend. Those two factors rely on each other in calculating of a budget.

Usually the first step of travelling is buying airplane tickets to rentals of cars, vans or RVs. This is decided upon the distance and stay of travel. Ticket prices are usually based upon airplane brands and distance of travel. Often prices of tickets are raised in the holiday season. Travelling inside the country will obviously cost less compared to travelling outside the country. Best advice travelling with the whole family would be travelling in non holiday seasons. As holiday seasons are the times where options are limited and prices are raised up the roof.

Almost the same things can be said about renting private cars, vans or RVs if travelling by road. Rentals usually have to be made in advance just like buying tickets, because of the fact that the deals or the vehicles you’re looking to rent might not be available when needed. Or the price of the rentals might not fit your budget.

After sorting out what will be used for the travel, the next thing that is needed is where you will be staying. Now, one can choose to stay in a five star luxurious hotel or a thrifty motel. They both offer beds, towels and clean sheets. The service varies. All brand name hotels have some sort of room service and many benefits, and motels usually offer the room itself and almost nothing else. Some foreign countries even offer personal homes as a stay area where they charge you a rental fee. At the end of the day it comes down to budgeting. If the budget is large, then feel free to use it up and stay luxuriously. On the other hand if we are talking about maintaining a budget and travelling cheap, then the less lavishly we spend is the best.

Now that we have somewhere to stay, we have to eat. Again, there are five star restaurants or small thrifty restaurants. Depending on the budget you can choose to dine in style with small portions or go to a restaurant that costs lesser and gives you large portions. Speaking from experience the cheaper and smaller restaurants have the best food compared to the low dim lighted restaurants that offer good food with large bills.

What you will be doing during your travel is totally up to you. You can go on a safari in Africa or watch the Sidney opera. This part of the budget is probably the most important and is the easiest in calculation. All travel plans have a destination and should be decided upon what is remaining in the budget after the travel costs and staying costs. Again from experience, any destination under the equator line usually costs less and has the best destinations to travel to. Any destination above it is also great but will require you to spend a little more.From Miami Beach, Great China Wall, TajMahal to the Egyptian Pyramids. The family will love these destinations. You just need to have a good maintained budget. Good luck on your future travel.

Traveling for less is easy, especially if you stay with people on your trip. However; you should consider using this site to make sure anyone you stay with is safe.

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