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Understanding TV Technology Options for a Home Theater

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It has recently become a popular idea to take a spare room or the living room of a house and convert it into a home theater.  These offer many benefits and methods of control to the user that is not available in a traditional movie theater.  The main component that one must pay the utmost attention to is the screen that is used, and this can vary based on what is needed by the user.  Taking a look at the various types is a good way to understand their role and what one should be installed.

The first type of television to check out is the now-traditional LCD screen.  LCD has come a very long way since its widespread adaptation nearly 10 years ago, and as a result they can be found for rather inexpensive with great quality features.  The response time and contrast ratios are the two things that should be paid attention to, especially if the screen will be used for games or as a computer monitor as well.  Response time is simply the amount of time for the signal to be displayed on the screen, while the contrast ratio will made deeper blacks and overall more accurate colors.  There are many extra features that manufacturers provide as well, but Internet connectivity and edge lit features are generally gimmicks that are not very important.

Why Choose LED TVs

Even though the only real difference between them is the backlight, LED TVs are the wave of the future for many different reasons.  Instead of having one large bulb behind the LCD picture layer, high end LED TVs have an array of bulbs.  The lights themselves are better in the first place because they produce a more true white color that the LCD layer does not have to compensate for when the colors are produced.  Additionally many of these TVs dim the bulbs based on how dark and area is, and another part can be brighter if there is a brighter light.  The only problem with this is LEDs are so bright that if sitting closely in some high end home theater chairs is preferred, without the right settings it can hurt the viewer’s eyes.

While projector screens were once a great alternative choice, today they are only useful if one requires a larger screen than an LCD or LED comes in.  If the home theater will house many people having a small screen simply will not do, and sitting farther away in some Elite home theater seating will provide a better experience then right up against the screen.  The farther distance can easily be compensated by a projector, and some of the lackluster quality aspects of that technology will not be able to be seen as easily as up close.

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