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What Does Your Bedroom Colour Say About You?

Your bedroom should be your haven, a safe, comforting place at the end of the day.  It is also a place to express your personality, whether that is through passionate fiery red walls or soft tranquil blues.  Is your bedroom sending the message that you want it to?  If not, colour is a great way to make it so.
Changing the colours of your bedspread are the best place to start.  Beds are the focal point of the room and set the mood for the rest of the colour scheme.  If you want your room to speak of passion and sensuality, consider:
Reds and Purples:   Red, whether fiery, deep, or used as an accent, excites the individuals mood.  It draws the eye and represents, passion, pride, sensuality, energy and warmth.  Purple is a royal colour and it’s deep rich tones  invite the viewer to slide under the sheets with a sense of luxury and warmth.  Purple in a room denotes creativity, fertility and joy.  Both colours should be set off with accents to tame their otherwise overpowering natures.  Golds, blacks, and whites are all good choices.
Looking for a lively pick-me-up?  Your best bets are:
Yellows and Oranges:  Bright and cheerful, yellow brings light into the room and imitates the sun, which makes it great for a room with limited light.  Oranges are powerful and warm but may be a bit too much for smaller bedrooms. Consider limiting orange as an accent or use warm neutrals to balance it.
For a laid back, spa like experience when entering a room, consider dressing the bed in:
Blues and Greens:  Blue, the colour of the ocean, the sky and perhaps your favourite persons eyes.  Blue brings on feelings of relaxation, tranquillity, and coolness.  A lighter blue can make a room feel light, airy, and cooler, especially in a warmer climate.  Darker blues are solid and comforting, leaving a feeling of security.  Greens are hopeful, indicating new growth and nature.  They are a stable colour.  Be wary of using too much blue or green without an complementary accent colour as they can appear cold or insipid.  Warm browns in wood tones or accents of reds, oranges, and yellows will help to combat this.
To achieve a more feminine feel to the room, stay away from bolder colours and instead try:
Pinks or Lavenders:  These softer, gentle hues recall grace, love, femininity and spirituality.  Both colours can be overpowering in large amounts however, so it may be best to use them in accents, such as pillows, curtains and various decorations.  For a contrasting colour to help them pop, consider browns, silvers, dark greys and blacks.

Perhaps you want your room to hint at a more masculine presence?  Stay away from lighter colours and instead, be bold  with:
Browns and Charcoals: Browns will reflect a stable influence.  It is calming, practical and warm.  Charcoals are dramatic and can be associated with drama.  Be careful with both colours, as brown can easily become boring without accent colours such as reds or oranges to pick it up and charcoals can become depressing and should be used in moderation.  Consider using these colours on an accent wall or as a trim to a bedspread, rather than as the main focal point.
So what’s it to be? Fiery hues of red or gentle pastels of lavender?  The colour you choose for your bedroom says quite a bit about you, so use it to your advantage and make the statement that you want to make.

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