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Winter Fashion Tips for Women

Are you ready to strut your stuff this winter? The looks that you will be sporting this winter have been on the catwalk since summer. Here are some of the top fashion trends you can expect.

The Masculine Look

First of all, this winter it’s good to be androgynous. Men are wearing more feminine looks while women are going more masculine at least in their dress. That means masculine looking jackets and trousers as well as hats and boots. But don’t think that means that women have to go for boring black and grey this winter. On the contrary, if you believe what the designers have been showing, it’s time to go for color this winter. Many of the catwalk looks sported bold, bright, in your face color with electric blues, bright yellow and even a range of pastels.

Fetishes in Fashion

Another look is very much in style borrows from fetish fashion. It’s time for doms with a difference with boots, neck bands and hats, not to mention high shoulders. This season is also the time to mix and match different looks. Throw out the rulebook and mix fur (faux, of course) with silk, plastic with wool and sequins and leather. When it comes to fur, the more the better and it might be paired with feathers too. Anything goes, just as long as you’re fashionable. Which brings us to the next trend: an elegant look that hasn’t been seen since the 1940s. Now is the time to browse around the charity shops and retro clothing stores outfit yourself at a fraction of the cost of designer looks.

If you’re not going retro, then maybe the trend for lots of pattern will suit your own personal style. Lots of the designers have created flowing creations with swirls, polka dots and more. Also this winter, skirts are longer or mid-length (but never short) and frills and furbelows are very much in.

Outerwear and Footwear

What would winter be without sweaters, coats and lots of layers? These get a modern new twist in the current fashion designs. There’s a coat to suit every style together with a chunky sweater to wear under it.

Finally, what about footwear? You’ll be glad to hear that this is just as diverse. Patent leather, reptile skins, laces, platform shoes and chunky heels are all in style. This year they are accompanied by an everyday item given new life – socks.

Freelance blogger Sharon Hurley Hall writes for Dolly Leo which supplies luxury makeup.

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