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3 Different Types of Leggings To Add to Your Wardrobe


Do you prefer to dress for comfort? Leggings reign as the ultimate cozy outfit component. They give you maximum mobility, waist flexibility, and secure fitting. In the late 2000s, leggings became a staple fashion piece, with cotton tights becoming a more acceptable and popular pant option. Through the years, numerous forms of leggings, tights, and stockings came to fruition, varying in material, purpose, and style.

There are many ways to sport leggings and enjoy the comfort they offer, making them must-have wardrobe pieces. Here are the top three types of leggings to add to your closet to ensure you find comfort in multiple looks.

Sports Leggings

Sports or athletic leggings typically feature a unique type of material composition. Some of the most common fabrics include dri-fit (polyester), nylon, rayon, and bamboo. Each textile option provides maximum flexibility, mobility, and sweat-proof properties, making them ideal for various forms of physical activity. Whether you engage in regular workout sessions or find comfort in athleisure wear, sports leggings provide you with the perfect bottoms for the job.

Stirrup Tights

Stirrup tights feature a unique characteristic that other leggings don’t. They include an elastic bottom that hugs around the ankle and heel of a foot. The word stirrups refers to the metal ring or frame attached to a saddle that holds a rider’s foot in place. However, designers later used the stirrup design to hold the bottom of the leggings in place, ensuring they didn’t ride up. Stirrup tights stay in place, making them suitable to wear with boots.

Sheer Stockings

There are many debates about whether sheer stockings or pantyhose fall under the same category as leggings. However, they essentially operate the same. The biggest difference is that you typically don’t wear stockings on their own. Meanwhile, you can use generic leggings as a thick underlayer or everyday wear bottom. However, tights, leggings, and stockings still fall under the same fashion family.

There are different rules to wearing tights or leggings with mini skirts. One of them is you must cover your ankles for visual appeal and warmth. Stockings’ enclosed foot coverage ensures that you stay layered up from your hips to your toes. They also make practical and fashionable underlayers for any cool weather outfit, making them an essential wardrobe piece.

These three types of must-have leggings offer different functional purposes, giving you comfortable bottoms for numerous occasions and looks. Ensuring your closet comes stocked with plenty of legging options and other essentials helps you better coordinate your outfits by color and style and create practical yet fashionable looks to enjoy.

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