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16 Packing Hacks from a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are pros at packing, because they are constantly packing and unpacking.  Let’s find out what they can teach us about packing that we can use in our next trip to the other side of the world or even just on our next road trip.  This article provides 50 tips from flight-attendants that not only keep their packing light, but also has some amazing hacks for getting the most out of your travel.

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Pack your Shoes:

This may seem a little silly when first reading it. When you HAVE to bring multiple pairs of shoes on your trip pack them full. Roll your socks, bras, underwear,  and any other small items into your shoes. This will save on space, which is so precious as airlines raise prices and baggage limits across the board. Read more on space savers in the previously published article: How to Pack your Carry-on like a Pro

Block pack your Clothes:

Are you someone whose clothes are literally popping out of your tightly packed suitcase. Try something different.  Fold your clothes into a large block all together. This will keep your clothes from bursting out of your suitcase.

Jewelry Packing:

If you haven’t already packed your jewelry, find a pill case and pack it full of jewelry. Earrings, rings, and even necklaces can usually fit into one little space of your pill case. If you are concerned about your necklaces getting tangled, try pulling a necklace through a straw and re-clasping it. It will keep it from getting tangled.

Packing Tips from a Flight Attendant

Don’t Overpack:

Only pack what you need. Base your clothing, shoes, etc off of your itinerary.  If you aren’t going to a formal event, don’t take formal clothing. If you aren’t going hiking, don’t take hiking gear or shoes.

Put a Shower Cap over your Shoes:

It may seem silly, but covering your shoes, will protect your cloths from the dirt and mud that may have accumulated over time on the bottom of your shoes.

Put Rubber Bands around Your Books:

When packing your books for the road or your flight, put a rubberband around the books to help them keep their shape and not get torn or bent in your luggage.

Take along Oven Mitts for your Heat Products:

It may seem a little silly, but your hair straighteners, curlers and other heated products need a space in your suitcase, and oven mitts allow you to pack them away safely and you can use those same mitts to set them on as they heat up when you arrive.

Wear Bulky or Big Items:

It may be more complicated to get through security with big bulky jackets, or hiking boots, but if you are packing light, it is important to keep your biggest and bulkiest items outside of your suitcase.

Always Bring a Sarong:

It may seem silly if you aren’t going somewhere tropical or have no plans for a poolside getaway; however, a sarong will come in handy in a cold airplane, airport, or as a cover if you happen to go to a church or temple at your destination.

Don’t Bring Soap:

It may seem like an obvious idea, but unless you are camping you don’t need it. Hotels, hostels and most vacation homes will have soap, shampoo and all the essentials necessary for cleansing.

Keep Like Items Together:

Keep liquids together in a plastic storage bag.  If you are taking laptops, phones, camera chargers, etc. also keep those cords separate from the rest of your items. We suggest packing them in a small bag to keep them safe from breakage or strippage.

Also, don’t forget your medications. Keep them in a baggie or pill case.

Pack Lotions & Makeup into Contact Cases:

You can keep your foundation, touch-up and lotion other creamy items in contact cases. The contact cases are tiny, and can provide the perfect amount of makeup for a short trip.  Take a few containers if required for your needs.

Don’t Pack what you can Affordably Puchase Locally:

No matter where you travel, don’t bring things that can be purchased at an affordable price locally.  It may add some adventure to your trip if you are out seeking items that you didn’t bring along. For instance, don’t bring sunscreen if you are going to Florida, you can definitely buy it there.  Don’t bring your sun hat if you are visiting Hawaii. It will allow you to bring home a souvenir and keep your packing lighter.

Pack a Mesh Bag for Laundry:

Keeping a mesh bag in your suitcase is so easy. It is super light to travel with, and allows you to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean when you arrive at your destination.

Matching Luggage Tags assist when Traveling with a Group:

When traveling with your family or even a group of friends, a good idea is to purchase matching luggage tags so that your luggage can be easily identified from other suitcases coming around the turnstile.

Bring your Own Pillowcase:

Sleeping in someone else’s home may not be as much of an issue, but when traveling to hostels, hotels, or vacation homes you always want to be sure to bring your own pillowcase. This not only give you a taste of home, but allows you to ensure you are sleeping on a clean surface.

Some of these ideas may not be novel to you, but all of these ideas can keep your packing light and fresh when heading to your next destination.

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