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4 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit Before You Die

From desolate white sand being gently licked by crystal clear water, to foreboding waves crashing menacingly against a jagged shoreline of cliffs, the world’s beaches, like its people, come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Take a look at four of the best beaches in the world.

Porto da Barra, Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is Brazil’s oldest city, a trait that is agreeably visible in Porto da Barra beach.  From young Brazilian kids diving into the translucent water from the old stone harbour walls, to watching the small fishing boats bob on the horizon and slowly making their way towards the shore to unload their catch, the beach of Porto da Barra really does take some beating if you want to witness a touch of timeless Brazilian beauty.

With a west-facing coastline, one of the few to not face east in Brazil, Porto da Barra is also home to spectacular sunsets. This makes it an ideal destination for sun-seeking holidaymakers.

Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

When you think of beautiful Spanish beaches, the Mediterranean tends to immediately spring to mind. Yet, as the famous Mediterranean coast of Spain and France is often teeming with people, particularly in the summer months, relaxing is not always easy here. If your idea of beach utopia is wild and ragged coastlines then visiting one of Spain’s stunning Atlantic coast beaches may sound significantly more appealing.

Whilst most of the beaches, bays and coves along this stretch of coastline are vividly beautiful, a particular ‘jewel’ is Las Islas Cies, in the Galicia region of Spain. What was once known to be a ‘pirates’ haunt’ and is commonly referred to by locals as their “Caribbean beach”, Las Islas Cies Beach is located in a stunning and uninhabited national park.

Sinclair’s Bay, Caithness

You could travel the world twice over but you would be hard pushed to find a more beautiful beach than Sinclair’s Bay in Caithness, Scotland. Just eight miles to the south of John O’Groats, this picturesque beach with white sand being kissed by turquoise water makes it more resonant of a beach in the Caribbean than one in the British Isles.

Reduit Beach, St. Lucia, Caribbean

The Caribbean is world-renowned for its beautiful white sands kissed with sun, translucent water and palm trees. Resembling the ‘Caribbean beach utopia’ flawlessly is Reduit Beach: St. Lucia’s most popular beach. With crystal clear water, coral reefs, and snow white sands, Reduit Beach really could be described as heaven on Earth.

Of course touring Europe and beyond in a caravan or trailer enables you to discover more of the world’s finest beaches than traditional holidays.

This travel guide has been provided by the Caravan Club. They provide information, news and advice to caravan enthusiasts on all aspects of caravanning. They also offer a comprehensive list of caravan parks in the UK and Europe.

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