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5 Original Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you’re thinking about tying the knot but you’re feeling less than inspired when it comes to trying to sort out entertainment for your big day then don’t despair because there are plenty of options out there. For those who are not keen on providing a standard ‘jazz band’ or a cheesy wedding DJ then there are plenty of other ways that you can keep your guests amused on your big day. If you’re looking to make your wedding stand out from the crowd then here are a few original wedding entertainment ideas.

Win big at the wedding casino

Interactive entertainment at weddings always goes down a treat and setting up a casino is a glamorous way to get people involved. Hire some roulette wheels and card tables, complete with some smartly dressed dealers, and give your guests the chance to win some small change. If you don’t want to have gambling for money at your wedding then people can play for prizes or just the glory of winning and an extra large piece of wedding cake. If you’ve ever wanted your own personalized set of gambling chips with your face on this is the perfect excuse to get them made!

Fete it up

Although this won’t work with every wedding and every venue, a ‘village fete’ type atmosphere is very well suited to summer weddings with outside space and provides a whole wealth of entertainment options for kids and grown ups alike. Donkey rides, skittles, dodgems, a coconut shy, apple bobbing, even a miniature sized funfair, are all easy to arrange and you can vary your options depending on your budget.  If you know someone in a band then set up a PA system and turn your wedding into a mini festival!

Bring in the celebs

You may not actually be great personal friends with the likes of George Clooney, Beyonce, Tina Turner and Robert Pattinson but that’s not to say that you can’t have them at your wedding! There are some highly convincing lookalikes working in the UK now and inviting a few to have wondering around at your wedding reception can provide some exciting entertainment.  Meet them before you hire them to make sure they’re convincing and then have fun watching your guests doing double takes before they realise they’re not actually standing next to Brad Pitt at the buffet.

Fantastic food

You can keep people entertained for hours with edibles, particularly if it it’s the kind of thing not many people are likely to have in the cupboard at home. Chocolate fountains always go down a treat and you can supply a whole range of dipping treats like nuts, marshmallows and fruit for guests to work their way through. Ice sculptures are also another fun way to keep guests amused, especially if your sculptures are the kind that can get people tipsy, like an ice vodka luge. Cupcake decorating is a great activity for kids at a wedding and hog roasts, barbeques and cheese tasting are all novel treats for your hungry guests.

Get people dancing

There are not many occasions in life where anyone over the age of 35 gets to cut loose on the dance floor with real abandon but a wedding is one of those occasions. There are a number of different ways to get your guests up and dancing, whatever their age or level of drunkenness. Country dancing is something people may remember from school and is interactive as it requires partners; if most of your guests have two left feet then opt for line dancing instead! Given the popularity of shows like Strictly Come Dancing it’s no surprise that something of ballroom craze has swept the nation. Bring in a Sinatra-a-like to croon the classics, hire a professional to show people how it’s done and get your guests cha cha cha-ing and tango-ing into the early hours. If you’ve got Celtic blood in you then a ceildih is a must. This fun formation dancing is the perfect way to get all your guests jumping around and laughing until their sides ache.

So, no matter what your budget, there is really no excuse for saddling your wedding guests with a bad DJ and a Beatles cover band on your wedding day. With these kinds of original wedding entertainment ideas your guests can have just as much of a day to remember as you will!

John is a guest blogger from RH Live who provide 3 live function bands for hire – check them out if you’re looking for a London wedding band (or anywhere else in the UK!)


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