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Suggestions For Staying Sane Your First Year as a New Driver

It is a great day when someone finally acquires the car of their dreams and drives it out of the show room, sales lot or any other place where it has been parked. The feeling of euphoria can be felt by everyone involved. Now in the driving class, they have acquired a new status and joined the club of drivers. Despite this excitement, the first year, especially the first few months, can be a real nightmare for many new drivers and a few suggestions can make it easier to acclimatize with their new surroundings.

Quickly reading and interpreting road signs

After living a pedestrian commuter life where road signs did not mean anything other than bizarre shaped signs on the road, these signs get a whole new meaning. New drivers discover that without being fully aware of the road signs they will be honked at until they feel like loosing their composure. This is because of the inconvenience that their lack of awareness will cause their counterparts on the road and also other pedestrians.

Traffic signs

Most road users are always in a hurry and impatient to get there quickly. This means that, when traffic lights turn green, they expect those before them to move ahead in quick succession. New drivers must learn this skills quickly unless they want to be honked out onto the kerb due to panic or anxiety. Furthermore, they must also learn when, where and how to approach traffic lights and move on quickly and competently without being vexed by the honking horns behind them.

Road rage

This can make any new driver feel like they are loosing their sanity. This is because all drivers have different temperaments and how they handle other road users depends on the day they have been having. In most cases, many are angry, temperamental and very aggressive when they want their way. Some have even been known to use physical force or violent means to do it. Being aware of this and trying to defuse it before it escalates is a skill many drivers require because many dangerous accidents are caused by uncontrolled rage. The main thing, is to ensure that irrespective of anything, calm on the road is mandatory.


This is a skill that can be acquired only with repeated practice. However with the advent of car turntables and truck turntables, parking has become much more enjoyable and easier for many drivers. In places where parking is tricky, many new drivers can benefit from parking atop a turntable so that their parking experience can be as simple as possible. These convenient devices make the parking nightmare much more enjoyable for new drivers.

Night driving

Unless a new driver must do this, night driving should not be engaged in until they have acquired enough confidence in their car to drive it very easily. This is because, driving at night can be much more dangerous given new challenges like the lower lighting and visibility, reckless drivers because law enforcement is not very vigilant and many other adverse conditions that are brought on by the night.

Leslie Smith is a driving instructor working in the motor vehicle industry. He recommends car turntables to make parking spacious and comfortable for both new and old drivers alike.

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