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5 Ways Older Adults Can Get Organized at Home

Numerous stressors in life come from the constant entropy that comes from work, the tasks and people in your community, or the continued work of being a functioning member of society. Regardless of the stress, you want to come home to an orderly place where you can relax and decompress. But if you have trouble getting organized at home, you will have a more challenging time alleviating your stress and need specific methods to tidy up your living space.

Move All Clutter Away From Paths and Steps

Older adults have a higher risk of serious injury from a fall, so keeping the paths and walkways clear is crucial to stay safe. If any bags, boxes, or items decrease the width of a path in your home, you need to move these somewhere else to make the widest path possible. The stairs should always remain clear so you won’t have to worry about falling down them. Even temporary items on the stairs are potentially dangerous, so make sure you clear the way as soon as possible.

Raise Low Items to Waist Level

Items that are closer to the ground are harder to pick up. If you suffer from back injuries, keeping things as high as your waist is essential so you won’t have to worry about straining your back. Using stands and stacking items will help you free up space and make picking up items easier.

Use Hanging Baskets or Shelves

Hanging objects from the ceiling is a great way to organize your home. It is easy to create a cluttered space when items have little room on tables and counters or eventually must stay on the floor. Hanging baskets or shelves help create an organized space with a lovely modern home aesthetic.

Drawers and Bins Will Give Items a Home

Every item should have a place of its own, and keeping these items in a proper location will help you organize your home and keep a sense of autonomy as you age. Using drawers or storage bins will make items easier to find and keep them out of the way so that your home looks cleaner.

Leave Very Little on the Floor

Making the floor look cluttered is easy if you have numerous items taking up space. Your floors should only have essentials such as stands, tables, and other furniture. Anything small enough to place on a counter, tabletop, or in one of your organizational bins should remain there instead.

An organized home is an incredible sight, especially after a long day. Keeping your home organized may be a lot of work, but you will feel relieved once you complete the task.


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