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How To Get A Better Return On Business Marketing

Maximum profit at minimum spend – that’s what most businesses are looking for in this economy. It’s also one reason why promotional budgets are shrinking. Yet if businesses are to attract new customers they have to market – it doesn’t make sense to ignore business marketing. In fact, it is key to keep on marketing to have a steady flow of business, but you can improve ROI by marketing smarter rather than harder. Here are three suggestions for publicizing your business at a comparatively low cost.

Recycle Marketing Materials

In the good old days, every time you attended a trade show or marketing event you could create branded promotional materials for that event, but that’s not the best way to maximize ROI. Instead of getting a unique banner or pop up stand for the next trade show with all the trade show’s details on it, get one that only has your business information. That means you can use it for multiple occasions. It’s worth spending a bit more up front for a high quality product which you know you will be able to use over and over again. It will soon pay for itself as you use it not only at trade shows but at your business premises and anywhere you need to promote your products and services.

Find Alternatives

Have you checked out the cost of television advertising recently? You practically need a mortgage for even a short spot. There’s no denying the impact of visuals, as mentioned in the last point, but if the costs don’t stack up, it’s time to look for alternatives. Instead of going for a TV spot, try a radio spot instead. Radio is still thriving and is much cheaper for advertising than television is. Even for those not using traditional radio receivers or stereos, apps like TuneIn Radio could take your radio spot to an even wider audience than before. And don’t forget about internet radio stations and online programs such as those on BlogTalkRadio.

Take It Online

As well as making full use of offline promotional materials, it’s a good idea to use online promotion, too. A good starting point is your own website or blog, and blogging for others to build authority. If time is limited, don’t worry. There are plenty of ghostwriters out there to handle the actual writing while you get the credit. It’s also a good idea to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These are free to join and allow you to create buzz for your business with a minimal spend – you may want to splash out on some great graphics for social sharing or a branded banner for a campaign or contest.

Using alternative promotion methods means you can get maximum return on your promotional budget for business marketing while keeping costs relatively low. The combination of online promotion, radio advertising and reusable graphics and displays will ensure that your business has a strong presence and builds a brand following both online and offline.

These marketing tips are provided by Chris Jenkinson of PopUp Stands UK.

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