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BMW M Performance Steering Wheel ( Video )

Ready to race? You FOR SURE want the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel

Do you love BMW? Well you may love it even more soon. Check out this BMW M Performance Steering Wheel it is filled with features for racing and everything else.

One of the features that we thought was really cool was that when you are racing a certain distance the LED lights on the wheel will flash to tell you it is over. That is perfect for knowing when to start, stop, and when to let your beautiful BMW relax a bit after it has whipped the but on the Ferari next to it.

The video provides a demo of some of the features. You will definitely have to buy this which will cost extra and is not standard with M vehicles. This makes sense and it should be that way. These days even though the M Series cars are good enough for the track BMW has been amazing enough to make them practical for the day to day. Perhaps you buy one M3 and tune it up for the track and another M3 just for your day to day? Well personally I have an obsession with the M5 so I would likely spring for that if I have the money. Anyways BMW fans we hope you enjoy checking this video out which points out some cool features such as the lap timer, stop watch and fuel gauge.


Check out the video below:



Read more on BMW’s Blog: http://www.bmwblog.com/2012/11/02/video-bmw-m-performance-steering-wheel-explained/

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