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Why You Should Bring Your Classic Car to a Classic Car Show

Classic Car Show

If you consider yourself a collector or are new to classic-car ownership, you should consider taking the vehicle to a local auto show, car swap, or meet-up. Below, we’ll explain why you should bring your classic car to a classic car show to connect with others, increase your vehicle’s value, and maybe even win an award!

Connect With Other Collectors

Perhaps the best reason to attend a classic car show, swap, or convention with your vintage vehicle is to connect with other collectors. Entering your first classic car show allows you to share your story and engage with other enthusiasts in a community environment where everyone is looking to connect and share with like-minded car lovers.

Owning a classic car puts you in a community with others who appreciate the beauty and history of vintage cars. When it comes to buying and selling cars, you’ll be dealing with other collectors like yourself, so it’s worth getting to know your fellow collectors better and building relationships.

Increase Your Car’s Sale Potential

If you’re interested in selling your car soon, bringing it to a car show is a great way to generate interest. Many collectors go to auto shows for the sole purpose of adding to their collection or identifying cars they could target later.

While simply bringing your vehicle to a classic car show won’t instantly increase its value, it’ll get in front of collectors and potential buyers in real life. Plus, if you win any recognition or an award, that’ll instantly make it a more attractive collector’s item and thus more valuable.

Learn About Other Cars and Restorations

Another reason you should bring your classic car to a classic car show is to learn more about other vintage vehicles and projects. If you consider yourself a classic car restorer or have interest in such a project, a classic car show is a great place to get more information and study the craft.

There will undoubtedly be classic car owners who have restored their vehicles and can offer valuable advice and information about the project. For classic car owners and collectors, their local community is the best source for insightful info and tips.

Win Awards and Recognition

Finally, you could go home with some hardware for your trouble! Each show is different, but many often have a panel of judges or a people’s ballot where judges and attendees can vote on the best in show or best vehicles of certain classes.

For some shows, the winners simply get a plaque and a pat on the back, while others offer serious prize money. Who knows? You could leave your show with a trophy and a cash prize just for displaying your vintage vehicle!

If all those reasons aren’t enough, classic car shows are also just a lot of fun! You get to see some beautiful vintage vehicles, meet new people, and talk about cars all day. What else could you want?

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