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5 Industrial Applications for Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are a unique type of mobile crane specifically engineered for lifting heavy loads and maneuvering through challenging terrains. These cranes feature crawler tracks, which grant them exceptional mobility and stability, even on soft or uneven surfaces.

Due to their versatility and strength, they come in handy for various industrial applications. Continue reading to learn more about how different types of businesses take advantage of crawler cranes.

Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Crawler cranes can benefit teams constructing and maintaining bridges due to their ability to lift heavy sections and maneuver in confined spaces. Their excellent stability and lifting capabilities make them perfect for lifting girders, precast concrete sections, and other heavy components into place. Additionally, their ability to navigate on uneven terrain ensures seamless operations even in the toughest of work sites.

Petrochemical and Refinery Operations

The installation, maintenance, and replacement of equipment often require the use of heavy-lifting machinery. Petrochemical and refinery sectors require the assistance of crawler cranes to effortlessly handle the installation of distillation columns, heat exchangers, and other large equipment. Every precise movement allows for proper alignment for each intricate operation.

Cell Tower Installation and Maintenance

Crawler cranes can also handle the installation and maintenance of telecommunication towers. The increasing demand for high-speed data and broader network coverage creates a demand for swift and efficient cell tower installations. It’s ability to navigate tight spaces and reach towering heights makes them invaluable for erecting and servicing cell towers.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

Heavy equipment is impossible to build without the assistance of crawler cranes. These devices— including mining trucks, bulldozers, and compactors—require extensive assembly and regular maintenance. They can easily lift and manipulate the large components necessary for the assembly process and can move safely around the assembly lines without causing disruptions. Their lifting capacity and stability are essential for the smooth workflow in heavy equipment manufacturing facilities.

Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Renewable energy is a promptly growing industry that relies on acquiring power through environmentally friendly means. Wind turbines are powerful machines that cannot produce electricity without the assistance of crawler cranes for installation and maintenance.

These industrial machines possess exceptional maneuverability to navigate muddy, uneven terrain while handling massive tower sections, blades, and nacelles. That’s why crawler crane rentals play a crucial role in ensuring construction safety. They ensure that massive structures are sturdy, secure, and operate efficiently.

The versatility and strength of crawler cranes is undeniable. They’re valuable to various industrial applications to control heavy loads and conduct efficient work. Without their presence in the industrial world, these businesses’ technological advancements would be impossible to produce.


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