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Healthy Home and Life: Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

As the place where you cook meals and sit down as a family to enjoy them, the kitchen can be one of the messiest areas of the home. Because of this, it’s important that you occasionally take the time to give this space a thorough cleaning. Doing so not only makes your kitchen easier to navigate and use, but also greatly decreases the number of toxins collecting on its surfaces. These are a few helpful tips for deep-cleaning your kitchen to help you get the most out of this process.

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Begin the Process with a Quick Tidying Up

A quality deep-cleaning can’t officially begin until all the unnecessary clutter is out of the way. This is why you should start this process by first cleaning the kitchen as you normally would—such as doing the dishes and brushing crumbs off of counters. By accomplishing this first, you can better assess what areas need the most attention and create space to take things out and get organized. Since deep-cleaning projects can often make homeowners feel overwhelmed, pre-cleanings are helpful in reducing some of the stress involved.

Purge Your Fridge before Organizing It

Cleaning out the fridge alone is a task that can take all day. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to if you go about it in the right way. Homeowners often want to jump straight to organizing what’s already there, but this can lead to items getting overlooked. For this reason, it’s important that you start by taking everything out and performing a purge instead. This greatly reduces the number of things you’ll need to manage, making the items you do intend to keep easier to move around.

Remember To Clean Wall Hangings and Light Fixtures

Another important tip for deep-cleaning your kitchen is to give your wall hangings and light fixtures some attention as well. These items can get just as filthy as your counters, but since you’re not often at the right height to see it, this dirt and dust is left to build up. If you want your kitchen to actually be clean, you’ll need to take some time to wash your window treatments and maintain your pendant lighting fixtures. For other types of lighting that you don’t need to take apart, this process could be as simple as switching light bulbs and dusting the recesses.

Wash Behind and Underneath Appliances

Once you’ve completed everything else, make sure you take one last look at your counters. People tend to consider these surfaces the cleanest part of their kitchens, so they don’t often think about them needing additional consideration. But the fact of the matter is that several layers of dirt and grime may be hiding just behind your appliances—in the small nooks you forget are there. Therefore, it’s vital that you move these items out of the way every now and then to properly ensure you’re cleaning everything that needs it.


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