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DIY Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

DIY Plumbing Hacks

As a homeowner, you rely on a plumber or maintenance worker to handle plumbing issues you feel too afraid to tackle. But there are some tricks to help you make repairs using some DIY methods and your own two hands. Read on to learn some DIY hacks for plumbing every homeowner should know to help you when a pipe begins to leak.

Know Where To Find the Shutoff Valves

When you have a continuous leak, you need to stop the water flow to look at the pipe. The quickest way to prevent more water from flowing is by finding the shutoff valve and closing it. This is the first place to look before you work on a pipe.

The valve has specific areas of your plumbing that they shut off. You’ll need to find the correct one to avoid shutting off the water supply to other home areas. You’ll often find these valves under the fixtures that supply water, such as the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Other shutoff valves may be in the walls or an access panel for things like the bathtub or shower. Knowing the location of these valves will make repairs easier. This hack is a great way to ensure you have the means to improve your water pressure by doing small maintenance tasks, such as removing mineral buildup or performing a water pressure test.

DIY Plumbing Hacks

Use Tape After You Finish Repairs

Once you’ve made repairs, it’s a good idea to ensure you don’t need them again soon. Place tape over the affected area to fortify it. A pipe joint that leaked due to loosening needs a resource to hold it together.

Use Teflon or plumber’s tape to secure pipe joints and prevent leaking. These tapes are water resistant and helpful in numerous plumbing issues. Extra layers of tape provide some insulation but eventually need replacement once the adhesion decreases.

Reuse Replaced Parts

Over time, you’ll replace parts of your home’s plumbing system with new parts. Keep these replaced parts for later if you need to make another replacement of the same part. The components you remove still have some use. And although using them isn’t a permanent solution, it’s still a helpful DIY plumbing hack homeowners should know and use.

Make Your Insulation

Constantly replacing insulation is a hassle and may lead to an additional cost after the winter. Instead of buying insulation, make your own. It’s possible to make DIY insulation with the right materials.

Use foam tubing by cutting long foam strips from a department store lengthwise. Wrap the foam over the pipes, and connect the ends with strong tape. Use a non-corrosive spray-on coating with this method to protect pipes against corrosion.

Some plumbing issues require a professional. But until that time comes, use these hacks for your home. These DIY methods are quick and easy, and they help you save money.


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