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Eco-Friendly Additions To Your Home

The question of sustainability has been brought up more and more in recent decades, and we are now in a time when the average consumer can reasonably afford eco-friendly alternatives. Below are a few eco-friendly additions to your home that are now commercially available for installation. Just be aware that not every sustainable option is ideal for every environment. For instance, solar panels are still capable of collecting sunlight on cloudy days, but they are not as efficient as they are in direct sunlight.

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Renewable Electricity

Solar energy is completely renewable wherever the sun shines and can cause your electricity bill to decrease with use. With the rising demand and popularity of solar panels, the installation can even increase the value of your home.

Installing a miniature wind turbine can also aid in renewable electricity for your home during times when solar panels cannot collect enough sunlight. You can also use wind turbines to simply add to the already sufficient amount of energy, further lowering your energy bill costs.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Simply switching out your old appliances with newer and more energy-efficient ones can help your household become more sustainable. Switching out just one appliance may not seem like much, but the smaller ones add up if you switch them out all over the house.

Likewise, replacing old incandescent light bulbs with modern LEDs will not only save energy, but they can be more easily disposed of too. Unlike older bulbs that contain mercury, LEDs are not made with any hazardous materials and can be easily recycled.

Update the Windows

The addition of larger windows to capture more sunlight can be a good alternative to light bulbs during daytime hours. Also, replacing window glass with double-glazed windows helps reduce the loss of heat from the house. This helps during cold seasons and further decreases energy use from heating systems.

These popular eco-friendly additions to your home can get you started down the road of sustainability. Energy efficiency and reducing the need for electricity is the goal; keep these goals in mind when looking for ways to create a more sustainable home.


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