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How to Build a Greenhouse

Many people today are learning about how to build a greenhouse in their backyards. Some are doing it to enjoy gardening for a hobby, others are doing it for profit and then there are those who just want to save money on their vegetables, herbs and even some fruits. Are you interested in building a greenhouse? If so, there is some information you need to know.


Choose a Location

Choose a location in your yard for the greenhouse. It needs to get enough direct sunlight during the day. At least 6 to 8 hours daily. Measure this area to help figure out the maximum size of greenhouse that you can build. If it is out in the middle of the yard, any structure will fit. However, if you are thinking of a lean-to model the location needs to be on the south side of the house or other building on your property.


Preparing the Location

Now, that you know your location, you will need to level it and remove the grass. You can relocate this grass to other parts of the yard that need it or place it in your compost pile. This is also the time to decide if you want a concrete pad for a floor. If concrete is going to be poured, it is done during the foundation stage of the project.


Plans are Important

After choosing and preparing a location, you must either draw or buy plans. Plans just show you how the whole greenhouse should be constructed. This is a very important part of how to build a greenhouse. The plans also help you know what materials to buy. Even when you are making your own, you can still include a material list.



If you are not the best at figuring your own materials for building projects, there are greenhouse kits available. These give you everything that is needed to construct a greenhouse. You only need to add the finishing touches.


Foundation First

As with any other structure, you start with the foundation first on your greenhouse. Whether it is a simple wood foundation or a more involved one, it comes first. Make sure it is square too this involves measuring from one top corner to one bottom corner on the opposite side. Then do the other corners the same way. The measurements should be the same. If you are using a concrete pad for a floor, this is the time to have it poured. Otherwise, you can wait to put the floor in later.


Next the Walls

The walls go up next now on some simple structure this is just PVC piping. On these, the piping is not only the walls, but also the roof support for the plastic that covers the whole structure. With other styles, the walls are separate for the roof structure. Like the foundation, the walls must be square. Do not forget to make the door openings on whichever structure you choose to construct.


Time for the Roof

There are various roof designs depending on the style of greenhouse you are making. This part of how to build a greenhouse is decided in the planning stage. The walls will have to be in the design compatible with the roof you desire. Measuring as you go building the roof is just as important as it is with the foundation or the walls. After all, you do not want a crooked structure.



If you structure has doors that open and close, now is the time to install them. If the openings were measured correctly, the doors can be hung with no problems.

Now this is how to build a greenhouse. Move in your benches, shelves, plants and supplies. Enjoy your gardening!


Alexandru Chiuariu, Web Content Copywriter of Greenhouses for Sale, providing web copy and articles on the company’s greenhouse range and on how to build a greenhouse.


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