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How To Hire Your Private Jet and Get a Good Deal

A private jet experience should not be blown out of proportion. Its just a means to get from here to there. It is nothing more then getting in a car or getting on a commercial airliner and going about one’s business. It is not even a matter of cost, because if indeed pen were put to paper and the cost of a flight were compared, then it is not always, as thought, the private jet fare higher than an airliner.

Fuel Cost

Th cost of a private jet for hire is based on a few factors, and while every provider charges based on a different price point, the basic factors are usually the same. The first issue is the time it would take to travel. The largest hourly cost on an aircraft is the amount of fuel it burns. In a plan this burn is measure in gallons per hour, or pounds per hour – jet fuel loads are measure in wight to correspond to weight and balance computations as well. So the first issue is the distance, one thing that effects this also is the direction of flight. For instance if one travels from New York to Seattle, this westbound flight will take longer than the same flight returning from Seattle to New York. As such the price of the out bound flight would be more expensive than the return flight. This is because, there is a strong tail wing east bound which turns to a strong headwind, westbound.

Crew Cost

Depending on the aircraft, the crew count will vary. For a short flight between New York and Washington DC, if a smaller Citation X is used, its unlikely that more than three crew will be needed; two pilots and one cabin crew would suffice. If however, a BBJ was used to travel between Washington DC and San Francisco, then there might be four to five crew. This expansion of crew will cost more in the total price.

Aircraft Cost

The main cost aside from crew and fuel, is off course  the cost of the aircraft itself. Within this cost there are two things that are priced in. The first, off course is the financial cost of the aircraft. The aircraft was purchased at a certain price and most likely it was financed. The cost of depreciation is also part of the financial cost and based on the number of hours it is able to generate revenue, the total cost is divided. That will result in the base hourly price.

When a passenger calls for a quote, the charter operator then computes the distance and average time to traverse the route. They will determiner the fuel cost and how many crew will be required and add it to the dry cost of the aircraft and present you with the total price for your trip. On average its not unheard of for the hourly cost to range between $300 per hour for a small jet up to even $15000 per hour for a luxurious larger private jet.

Your author Linda Evans enjoys travelling as one of her hobbies. A private Jet hire makes her travels enjoyable and pleasurable.

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